I know, right?! The “Dumbing Down” of America.

PUH-LEASE! Never, ever, ever, ever, EVER say that to me, m’kay? This is what I actually hear when someone says “I know, right?!” after I say something:

This is my awkward way of dismissing what YOU think is important or “conversation-worthy” so that we can put the focus back on me. I know, RIGHT?!

I dunno…I get a case of the ass about this little phrase, because it’s just so damned phony. And I have no idea how it caught on the way that it has, it’s usually followed by a hair flip or a stupid giggle or guffaw.The SECOND my kids do that, I get all up in their grill and tell them to knock it off because it’s not an intelligent response. I don’t want either of my daughters saying this. OR ANYONE for that matter!

My best friend thinks it’s sooooo adorable. Well, you know what? IT’S NOT! It’s idiotic. It’s stupid. And you are better than that.

Another one that gets me? You’re totally having a conversation YOU think is funny…you get to the part where a normal person would laugh hysterically and all you get is:

That’s funny.

Yeah…that’s IT! No laughter and b-a-r-e-l-y a smile. REALLY??? You didn’t think that’s honestly FUNNY enough that you could, oh, I dunno… say, LAUGH a little? People usually say this one when they would rather be across the room talking to someone else. It’s like – DUDE – have the intestinal fortitude to just say, “WOW! There’s Joe. He looks HAWT! I’m going over there. See ya.” Don’t give me a “That’s funny.” and act like you’re not even paying attention. I could have been talking about the Holocaust for Chris-sakes.

It’s almost like we’ve forgotten how to be GENUINE in this world with other human beings. I have a more compassionate conversation via text message most of the time than I do face-to-face with someone. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?! Thanks a lot Bill Gates. Your little brilliant -billionaire self has made us all a bunch of over-teched idiots who can’t hold a civil conversation anymore.

Do you really want to live in a world where your thumbs do all the talking?! I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!?!


3 thoughts on “I know, right?! The “Dumbing Down” of America.

  1. bigrojsgal says:

    (&*@&#! rite?! ….ahaha….I will probably be chuckling all day thinking about this blog…perversity just surrounds me like a warm cozy blanket…and cracks me up.,,,in fact, I can’t even compose my thoughts to say what I wanted to say as my little ‘reply’ because I keep laughing (as I also look over the top of my screen at my 16you son & 12 yo daughter lounging all over my couch…ahahahaha..they start school on Monday…who knows what new little sayings they will come home with this year) ….sorry, this is so impolite to not speak my mind, but at the very least I want to thank you for your words…when the giggle wears off I might return to comment appropriately ~ fel

  2. sassypanties says:

    Thanks for popping by. You’ll have to keep me up to speed on the little phrases your kids come home with. We can compare notes or something.

    On a side note: I was approached with a slightly watered down version of “I know, right?!” this weekend. It was chopped down to just, “Right?!”. May the strangling commence.

  3. Missy Take says:

    At times, I use Monica’s (Friends) line, just the plain “I know!”, but almost screaming… whenever I do He (the grumpy husband) tells me I sound like Monica…

    I hate it when people talk to me and are looking elsewhere. I often just turn around to see what they’re looking at, and that ‘brings’ them back to me! teehee

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