Apartment Manager Tales: Monday after rent week…

My first 1/2 hour of work today sucked ass, you guys. 

There was a lady that came into the office morning who didn’t pay her rent in full. Rent is due on the first of the month – we give a grace period until the 5th. On the 6th, we create our “3-day Pay or Vacate” notices that get posted to the door of the non-payer, face out for the world to see – which is proper service as dictated by the RCW’s in Washington State. 

She got really pissy because she was late with her rent and said we should have called her instead of posting the 3-day notice to her door (like we do for EVERYONE that doesn’t pay their rent on time). 

Okay – FIRST OF ALL, apartment managers are not obligated to call ANYONE when their rent is late. That’s what you agree to when you sign a fucking lease – that you’ll pay your rent on time and in full EVERY GODDAMNED MONTH. If you don’t, you’ll get a notice posted on your door giving you three days to pay or move out. If you still don’t pay or move out, we can – and will – submit your paperwork to our attorney to proceed with an eviction.

Basically – don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time. Ya feel me?!

My response to her complaint was simply: 

We served you properly, to avoid getting a 3-day notice, just pay your rent on time. Problem solved.

She then proceeded to tell me that she went to park her car when she got home the other day and the transition slope (which is a little hump) from the street to the carport parking spaces, hit her car and broke her radiator and she felt that we should pay for the repairs. Now, since that transition slope is an inanimate object, I can only assume that she, herself,  was the reason that this happened. 

A bit dumbfounded, I listened. She stopped talking, as if waiting for me to ask her who I should make the check out to and instead of saying thaaaaaaaat, I responded with the following in a very calm and pleasant low tone:

We cannot be held responsible for your driving habits.

To which she responded with a puzzled look and her eyeballs almost jumped out of her face. She went on to explain that she can prove that’s what caused it and she didn’t think that was fair that she had to pay to get her car fixed. 

My response again, in a very calm and pleasant low tone:

We are not going to pay for your car repairs. 

She has lived here just about a year. It’s not like one day, we went to her area of the complex and poured cement in the dark of night and surprise!!!!! I’ve never had someone walk into my office claiming the curb transition has ever damaged a vehicle. It’s a bit of a bump, I admit it…but that’s why when you approach it, you go slowly. I mean it’s just common sense. I can’t imagine how fast a person must be going to cause radiator damage from a small bump when approaching your assigned parking space. Why hasn’t it happened to anyone else in the almost 3 years I’ve been working at this property? Because no one goes fast enough to damage their vehicle when they pull into their parking space, that’s why. 

The conversation ended with her letting me know that I’d be hearing from her attorney. Bring. That. Shit. On. 


One thought on “Apartment Manager Tales: Monday after rent week…

  1. tiredwife says:

    Yay! these are my favorite stories!! I’m willing to bet, that there is nothing wrong with her car. I bet she thought that if she tells you her car is broken, and it’s all your fault, that you would waive the rent or give her money back to avoid a fight. You HAVE to update if you get a call from an attorney (you won’t haha)

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