Intervention – Eff my life

So there I was, minding my own business, clicking around the zillion channels that we have at our fingertips and I land on A & E. Freakin train wreck of a lady on there who drinks A LOT. “Intervention” is on. I suppose the only reason I watch that show is because there are people on the planet who actually have shit to COMPLAIN ABOUT, only I like to blow little things all out of proportion and think the world is ending because I find a fucking gray hair or some shit like that.

So to give you a little background. Recently, my step-dad passed away from Cancer. Cancer is a motherfucker. Any questions? My “real” dad is a raging alcoholic with whom I do not have any contact – and not just because he’s in jail, either. Something about a suspended drivers license and him thinking that that means he can just drive where ever the hell he wants to WHILE INTOXICATED. Yeah, go figure…I’m just glad that people don’t judge ME based on HIS actions…because if that happened? I’d be living in a van down by the river. With like 18 kids and no front teeth. JUST FUCKIN SAYIN, YA’LL!


WHO DOES A GIRL GOTTA SLEEP WITH IN ORDER TO GET SOMEONE LOCKED UP FOR GOOD? I mean the dude (…not “The Dude”…he’s cool, Jeff Bridges=radsauce, I’m using the term derogatorily here folks…) has been arrested and thrown in the slammer more times than I can count on both hands for drunkenness, either driving, being an assface or whatever – it doesn’t matter. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO 3 STRIKES AND YOU’RE OUT?!?! SHIT!

Sooo…basically, in case you couldn’t tell, I have some pent up aggression towards my “real” dad. And I lost my step-dad who was more of a father to me than that other sorry excuse for a father EVER was…although, my step-dad had his moments…and more moments that anyone should have to endure, but coupled with the fact that I lost my step-dad, my real dad is a loser and I was watching Intervention – I was pretty much a basket case. I was doing one of those silent cries, you know…eyes all welled up, but no tear tracks down your face yet? Like, your eyelashes were keeping the tears from spilling over to your cheeks, somehow defying gravity. Yeah, and about that time, I had to get up and go into the kitchen, then the hubby comes walking by and was all, “Whatsamattah?!” And I just said, “I’m just sad for a sec.”

And with that, I grabbed a glass of Kool-Aid and decided to watch something else.

FREAKIN INTERVENTION!! I hate/love that show, man!!!!! And HOARDERS! DUDE! What is the A & E Channel doing to us?!


One thought on “Intervention – Eff my life

  1. Missy Take says:

    I love Hoarders! Every time I watch a show I’m amazed to see how people live… it’s pretty freaky!

    I’m with you on the 3 strikes you’re out thing – it should be that way, or at least something should be done before someone gets killed.

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