Local Music Friday – Sassyland Edition – Beth Whitney

Many of you know how much music means to me. I’ve shared my experiences here in this blog several times. I thought I’d share with you a video of a lady that has one of the sweetest voices. This is Beth Whitney. Words are hard to come by when I try to explain what Beth’s voice does for me. She just touches my soul. She brings me comfort and is so pure and lovely in every way.

Fever – Covered by Beth Whitney


This One Is for Jenny…


Ugh. Feeling overwhelmed again…heading for that dark place that you hate to go to. You know what is great about being overwhelmed? When you start to see the light…you know that you had the strength inside yourself to fight your way back. And it’s worth it every time. Every. Single. Time. It’s worth it.

I’m not sure if you’ll even see this…but…there is a song a very close friend wrote and I want to share it with you.

This is a song that has come out of her struggles with depression and thankfully she has a brilliant mind and voice and the talent to put her feelings into a song and have something cleansing come from being able to perform it again and again. She doesn’t play this song at very many concerts…but I was lucky to be in the room when she did once, and it crushed my soul and brought hope at the same time because the simple fact that she (and you) are able to share with us when you have these moments, really means the world to those who love you the most. The most devastating thing to me as a friend and human being is when someone I care about so deeply is going through something and they don’t share it with me. If you don’t let us know – we can’t help. Even if it’s just telling someone you are struggling – maybe they can’t do a fucking thing about it to help you…but I wonder if verbalizing it and just taking the pressure off of yourself by letting someone other than YOU, know that you’re struggling is part of what helps you come out of the darkness a little bit.

You are never alone…ever. You are loved. Genuinely. Deeply. I’m aware that sometimes those facts get lost in the darkness. But I’m here. As are so many others.

Here are the lyrics to Sad Again, by Emma Hill

Nights are long and the dark lingers on
I feel the blues comin’ on by
Ground is caught under a blanket of cold
Can’t seem to find a bit of light
Will you take me as I am
So strung out and blue
Don’t know why it hurts so bad
To admit I’m sad to you
I fought the bottle
And it seems I may have won
But with that whiskey sippin’ daze all gone
All my feelings come undone
Will you take me as I am
So strung out and blue
Don’t know why it hurts so bad
To admit I’m sad to you
Will you take me as I am
So strung out and blue
Will you take me as I am
‘Cause I’m so sad again

Granted, it’s not a happy song, but sometimes, knowing that there is someone out there willing to take you as you are, and someone else that is able to articulate what you are feeling into a song, makes you feel that you are not alone.

I love you. I really do. You can ask anyone! ~ Carm

SassyBraggin: Music

Hiya Guys,

Have I mentioned how talented my friends are? I mean…my friends dance and sing and write music and play instruments…and they are MY FRIENDS!!!!!! Like, they like me and stuff. HOW FUCKING LUCKY AM I?!?!?!


We went to go see our friend Kurt Lindsay play at a local coffee shop tonight and he let my kiddo sing with him on a song and he played for her as she sang another song!

So I want you to hear this because I’m shameless like that. I’ll try to “embed” this properly tomorrow at some point, because right now? I’m laying in bed on my celly and I just drank some NyQuil so I need to post this quick before I become comatose.

This first video is my daughter Katie singing “Royals” accompanied by our good friend Kurt Lindsay who graciously let her crash his gig last night. You’re just gonna have to trust me that I’m not going to feed you spam here because for some UNGODLY DAMN REASON, WordPress is not allowing me to post TWO video’s here – so you have to click the link. http://youtu.be/om4kQN2CWK4?list=UUgmJWhHK3SaAPJsIkX8KTow

This second one is Kurt and Katie singing together the song “Falling Slowly”.


This…is Emma Hill

I’ve posted about her before. I’m sort of crazy about her music and as a person and friend, I adore her – truly and sincerely. She’s AMAZEBALLS.


I recently decided that it was time I launched a Fanclub for her since the running joke is that I’m like her biggest Superfan of all time and I’m constantly plugging her amazing music. But the timing of this is special because she just launched a new album titled “Denali” and it is…fantastic. Emma is from Alaska and a little tiny town called Sleetmute.

It should come as no surprise then, that I created a “Superfans of Emma Hill” page on Facebook. Feel free to join if you love this video I’m about to share. You can also hit us up on Twitter: @EmmaSuperfans

She’s on tour right now with her best friend Bryan Daste who is infinitely talented and plays banjo, a fucking AWESOME pedal steel that will turn you into a weeping sobbing shell of a human being – but…this man sings with Emma in such a way as to enhance her every note and make her shine and soar and he is just such a great guy. It’s truly the best collaboration I’ve witnessed. They are heading to Philly this week and DC, so if you are in the area, I implore you to go hunt them down and witness the greatness in person.

Feel free to also check out Emma’s webpage here. You can sign up to be added to her email list.

Here is the video I promised. This song is on her new album “Denali” and it’s called “An Epic”. Enjoy.

You guys! I’m a stagemom! My poor kid…

It’s something that I don’t mind sharing with you because – let’s face it…I’m not like those Dance Mom’s – I swear, y’all…I’m NOT!

I’m more of a gentle whisper than a BIG FAT ASSHOLE. So when we visited The Great State of Texas last week and pulled an old fogey move and went on a tour of the State Capitol Building in Austin, being a person that appreciates acoustics, I asked my daughter to get to the highest point in the rotunda – which just happens to be the 4th floor – and sing the National Anthem. And then…?…this happened, y’all – THAT IS MY BABY!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I was all the way across the other side…and the sound isn’t all that great…but man…that kid can SING HER FACE OFF!

I couldn’t help but share because I’m braggy like that and stuff. Have a great weekend!

A picture is worth a thousand words…or less…


I have a friend that posts pictures to Facebook and asks the viewer to gaze at the photo and write a summary of the feelings that it induces – it can be a feeling that it conjures, a short story, a poem, a song. Anything at all, really.

This photo was shared by another friend of mine and a mutual friend wrote as a comment, “Riding his steed deep into the misty English moors onward to yet another battle.”

Does this photo move you in any way? Positive or negative? Leave me a comment below.

SASSY ISN’T DEAD! Randomness to catch you up…

Hey Y’all!! I AM NOT DEAD!

I’ve been too busy lately to write. Summer Fall WINTER  always finds our family BATSHIT CRAZY with stuff to do. It gets pretty insane.

Here are a few things we’ve been up to lately the last few months – some of which is a tad bit COMPLETELY FUCKING outdated…because this is a draft I started on June 27th! Oh well…here it goes…:

  • I went to a concert for a local band called “Bodybox” (awesome) and also we saw “Ben Union” (rad). I enjoyed myself an IMMENSE amount. I truly felt my inner rock star fluttering around like a happy little butterfly – except my wings had SKULL TATS. However – Let me tell ya something…I might be too old for rock concerts. Wanna know how I fucking know that? Okay – I’ll tell you. I think the music was so loud that I not only lost my sense of hearing anything but a high pitched tone for 2 days? BUUUUTTT…I lost my sense of smell for a few hours. Yeah. I KNOW! You’re thinking – “Uh…yo, Sassy…that’s not how it works.” But I’m here to tell you that we tested that shit out on the way home and I could not smell a thing. It’s a long story, but if the person that I’ve got a story to tell about our drive home that night reads this blog and gives me permission @Fanschmurl I will tell it…but…I’m awesome like that and I don’t get into stories that involve people I love without their permission. So…you’ll have to bother her on twitter and beg her to get the story outta me. Also – you can follow me on twitter @DelishyDishy
  • In an offhanded comment, I dropped a hint to my boss that if another property needed someone to come in and kick some major ass that I’d be *willing* to leave this hellhole lickety-split – well…he heard me and within about a week, I had an offer to go to a larger, newer, better property, more DINERO, AAAAANNNNNNNNDDDDDDD to top it all off, I told him I want MY maintenance guy to come with me. It is a done deal and I shall take over on July 8th. I’ll have a whole new batch of asshats to write about! I’m so excited!
  • We pawned the fruit of my loins off to my mother in Oregon for one day shy of 2 weeks. They are currently on the road to THE PORTLAND ZOOOOOOO! I’m so jealous. They are having an amazing time with grandma.
  • My daughter was able to sit in at a recording studio for a total of 4 days with our good friend and talented musician/producer of the awesome Emma Hill, Mr. Bryan Daste. He let Katie come in and just experience the music studio sessions he had, she was even able to help the artist by singing on his record a little…HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?
  • We had our 8th annual block party/National Night Out celebration. A good time was had by all – highlighted by the 900 water balloons we filled the night before causing mayhem and all the senior citizens to wobble home as fast as they could so that they didn’t get pummeled. That’s when the party REALLY gets started. After that, everyone is soaked and has laughed quite a bit and
  • We took the VERY ANTICIPATED trip to Maui in August. 13 days and 12 nights of BLISS. When we got back? I was ready to be home…but…now? Going on 3 weeks 5 months later? I pretty much think we should just go live there. And it’s not just a “thought” I’m having, either. It’s like something inside my gut telling me we should. Only thing is…our neighbors would probably rather kill us than let us move away. And then there’s that whole convincing the husband to do it, thing…
  • On October we went to the Avett Brothers Concert. Hubby said he had gotten great tickets…but what I wasn’t prepared for was FRONT ROW FUCKING DEAD CENTER ALL UP IN THEIR GRILL tickets!!!!!!!!
  • MY KID SANG WITH SETH AVETT! Holy shit, y’all!!! We made this sign:
    Hey Seth, Let's Duet!

    Hey Seth, Let’s Duet!

    Because…let’s face it. If you ADORE someone you’re going to see and they have no idea you exist…you’ve GOTTA make a SIGN!

…so then this happened:

Seth and Katie

La laaaaaa lalalalaaaaaa…

And then this happened:

Notice it wasn't your typical single fist bump...KATIE GOT THE DOUBLE FIST BUMP!!!!!!!!

Notice it wasn’t your typical single fist bump…KATIE GOT THE DOUBLE FIST BUMP!!!!!!!!

So then…:



  • A lot of other cool stuff has happened, but now if I tell you any of it, it’s like, “Yo! Sassy…did you *really* think you could top the Seth and Katie singing thing with more bullshit randomness? Jesus Christ, woman…end on a high note!” So I will…by posting this: