House Concerts: What Are They?

Hey Sassyand. 

I’m going to veer off track a little bit and discuss with you something I’m extremely passionate about. House Concerts. 

I want to start a movement about education on what a House Concert is, what you should/can do when you have one, the ins, the outs…my experiences with them and how we approach artists we think would like an opportunity to share their talent with new faces. 

We just had a House Concert last night at our home and it inspired me to talk about this little known – but growing – format for exposure to local and traveling independent artists and help get a network going where we can share our love of music. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like. This is happening in all genres of music. All music is to be respected and this topic will be conversational. Pose your questions in the comments and I’ll try to make this a weekly topic starting this Monday, with my first ever “Sassy Musicland: Music Monday’s”

I’m excited to get started on this and hope you are too. Let’s take this journey together. 


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