About – So you want to know the Panties behind the Sass?

Oh, my dear reader, you are in for a treat!

There’s not much to say, except for the fact that the “panties” you’re wanting to get to know? They are spoken for. As in – I’m married, thankyouverymuch. For almost 21 years, even. YEP! I know…it’s hard to imagine that someone who’s been married for 21 years has anything relevant or funny to say…however…I was married at the ripe old age of 19…so not only does this make me 40 years old…but it also has given me an awful lot to bitch about and make fun of.

I hope I do more for you than just fill you with my own poisonous rantings – my sincere hope is that I can make you laugh about all of the stupid things that I come across, perhaps touch a nerve, get you to relate and even…*gulp*…get you to comment and share in my misery…

Misery loves Company…

At least that’s how the saying goes. SOOOOOOO…don’t leave me hangin! If you like what you read, leave a comment, “like” my posts and for God’s Sake, follow me! It fuels my fire, gets me excited and actually  makes me want to write more.


2 thoughts on “About – So you want to know the Panties behind the Sass?

  1. Mancakes says:

    Damn, girl…you’re funny. FOLLOOOOWED!

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