Ranty Times in Sassyland

I have co-workers that seem to be getting away with a whole helluva lot of stuff lately and the culmination of their gettingawaywithit’s (shut-up spellcheck…) is just really starting to make me super bitter and pissy. It probably doesn’t help that my BFF is somewhat of a manager figure in their lives and uses me as a sounding board – but to be honest, I may have to ask her to stop, but my fear of her not telling ME these things, is that she will tell someone else that will not be as discreet as I am/have been – so I’d rather be the one that she comes to, but it’s wearing me out because at this point, I feel like I couldn’t do ANYTHING to get my ass fired that would be as bad as the bullshit I’m hearing about…not only that, but I’d never even test that theory because I’m awesome like that and I get paid a decent wage to do my job and don’t feel the need to test any of the powers-that-be.

There are other things too – like my relationship feels strained on my end with my BFF because of the way I see how she is or isn’t managing these people. I’m feeling really judgey – not in a catty way or in a way that I don’t want to see her succeed – it’s more of a disappointment, I guess, that she is allowing to be taken advantage of and allowing certain staff members to get away with certain behaviors that, in the real world, would get their asses pink-slipped.

I attempt to give her solid professional advice which I feel falls on deaf ears, which makes me just want to shut my fucking mouth and not say a word, but I want her to succeed and my feeling is that if she continues to be taken advantage of, at some point, someone who matters will catch wind of it and then it will reflect poorly on HER that she didn’t take a stand when these behaviors started showing their ugly heads.

I’m in a pickle here. I’m a very honest person. If I feel that I need to have a hard conversation with her about how she is being perceived, I have no issue with having that conversation. I can be very diplomatic and lady-like, if forced when I need to be. And how she is being perceived is not really up for debate – if these people saw her as an authority figure, they would not be testing the waters like this. Testing the waters is something one does when they want to see how far they can push a person. If these people had any respect for her position as their immediate supervisor, they would be courteous and do things like call her when they take a sick day, or not take a sick day every Monday or Friday, or do something as simple as listen to their voicemails so that when they call in sick and she has to cover their office while they are out, she doesn’t have 40-50 voicemails that need to be listened to and/or responded to.

Here’s a GREAT example:

Yesterday, one of the units in an apartment complex that my BFF supervises, caught on fire. A very sad and heartbreaking thing to happen – a woman lost her life and a little 5 year old boy was in critical condition with burns all over his body. No one else was hurt. Apparently, the manager of that complex, one of these co-workers I’m bitching about, had stayed home sick yesterday. So, my BFF got a call that there was a fire from one of the maintenance staff, so she dropped what she was doing and took off for the complex to do whatever she could at the property, since the manager was gone, apparently – because she hadn’t gotten that call in the morning to let her know that she was home sick. (See? I mean…) After things had settled down a bit she took a moment to text the manager to let her know what happened.

No response.

Like, if something like that had happened to the property I manage, my ass would have 1.) Called to let my boss know I was sick and couldn’t make it in – IN THE DAMN FIRST PLACE. 2.) Had I gotten notified that an emergency of this magnitude had occurred, I would have jumped out of bed, gotten dressed and went down there!!!!!!!!! I just would. And I bet if you thought about that for even 2 seconds, that would be your reaction as well.

So, more time passed throughout the day and my BFF texted again to let her know that someone had passed from the fire and a boy was burned badly and after awhile she got this message back:

Is the fire out?

FOUR WORDS. She never showed up to see if she could help…

In defense of this person, she is a very caring individual. I think some things are happening in her personal life that are causing her to not make some very good decisions. BUT IF NO ONE CALLS HER ON IT, SHE WILL CONTINUE DOING THIS BULLSHIT.


Anyway, I’m feeling burdened by all of this. It’s hard for me to take her seriously at all. Like…at. all.  SEE?!?!?!?! I’m getting PISSY NOW! Gah! There’s more, but I need to keep that to myself and just end this rant here because it’s already too long and I’m sure I’ve bored you with this subject enough.

Thanks for listening, y’all.




7 thoughts on “Ranty Times in Sassyland

  1. All those things make me bitter.

  2. Okay girlie you need to sit that BFF down and tell her the 411. YOU are her BFF for a reason. BFF’s owe it to one another to tell it like it is. I know this is hard for you but she is letting employees walk all over her and they are likely laughing at what a joke she is.
    A person losing their life and a little boy burned and the other manager not giving a rat’s ass needs to go!
    I know this will be hard for you to do but I know what kind of person you are and you’ve got to come clean kiddo or this will eat YOU alive!
    Love ya

    • sassypanties says:

      Oh how I wish it would be met with the action you and I both know needs to happen. It is a very tangled web that she has allowed to be woven and I just don’t think she will listen to reason. She’d rather just complain to me about it and get it off her chest. But honestly, I have told her so many times these people are walking all over her. It makes me sad. There is so much other crap about this that I could say, but I’m going to keep my mouth shut because it’ll come flooding out and then…I’ll regret it.

  3. tiredwife says:

    Is there not an employee handbook of some kind that states what is expected? If I didn’t call and didn’t show up to work on my scheduled days, I would probably be fired immediately. If I had a really good excuse, I’d probably just get a write up. If there is one, maybe dig it out and highlight the pertinent bits and give it to your friend? If she doesn’t actually start managing these people, she is going to be in for a tough lesson when someone higher up notices. she has got to get control and call meeting. say that she is aware of what is going on, but it ends now. No call/no shows will be met with termination. Excessive absences will be met with termination.

    I feel your pain. It’s tough to watch someone fail, and it’s harder when you give them advice (that they ask for!) and the tools they need but they totally ignore it and keep slowly failing. I think you might have to tell her that you don’t mind being her sounding board, but it’s getting harder to be sympathetic when she won’t do anything to change the circumstances

    • sassypanties says:

      I’m so glad you commented. Okay, first off, the company we work for doesn’t have an “employee handbook” or an “HR Department”. I actually used to create employee handbooks…I know how important they are. I mean, how are people supposed to know what is expected without one?

      You have said a lot of what I know…what I needed to have someone other than me to say to myself, honestly.

      You know how you’re supposed to write down all your problems/bad habits on paper, then wad it up and burn it to get rid of the bad joo-joo? Well, I say write a blog post and throw it out into the universe. Sometimes the missing puzzle pieces show up in the comment streams.


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