Sassy’s Thoughts On Gun Control and Mass Shootings ~ Let’s Discuss, WordPress People

It took me a few days to process this latest act of violence on yet another public learning facility in the state of Oregon. I needed a minute to digest this. I’ve seen post after post on Facebook and read many articles and read many of the comments filled with criticism and vitriol for President Obama – whether it was warranted or not (in some cases it almost seemed that people were convinced Barry slapped the gun in that guys hand and told him to “go for it…knock yourself out”…really? Come on, you guys…). People criticizing others for their thoughts on what gun control means to them. So, I’m going to ramble some thoughts here in good ol’ Sassyland and would truly like to start a respectful conversation that will create thoughtful dialogue on this issue and I welcome everyone to share their two cents. My hope is that this will remain thought provoking and respectful. Let’s help to educate and enlighten one another – there is already enough violence, sarcasm and bullying happening in the world.

I think we can all agree that the source of the problem exists in the mental health of those that go on these rampages. I don’t think there has been even one person that has been captured alive after these horrid acts that hasn’t claimed “insanity” as their excuse – whether it be momentary or a permanent condition.

The sad part – other than the innocent lives lost and the innocent victims that are affected – is that these people with mental illness are grabbing for a gun to affect the world we live in. Let me repeat that…these people with mental illness are grabbing for a gun.

I’m not a political person – I tend to keep my opinions to myself for the most part because, hell, I’ll just say it: I’m not educated enough to have a full-blown debate with someone who is much smarter than I am on such topics. But I have a heart and a mind and a venue in which to share my thoughts and you can agree or disagree with me if you want to – I’m not ignorant to the fact that we are all individuals that have minds and opinions of our own. I respect you. That’s what makes the human race so BEAUTIFUL.

But I want to ask a question to those that vehemently oppose stricter gun law legislation.

What is your solution?

I truly want to know the answer. I think we have gotten to a point that we certainly need to take action. Blaming guns or the mental health of those that commit these violent mass shootings is getting really stale. Inaction is what is killing our citizens.

Would you agree that making it slightly more difficult to obtain these weapons could possibly be part of the solution? What about the care and diagnosis of those with mental illness? Where have we fallen short?

I’m all about Joe the Plumber having his side arms and even his rifle for protection and hunting…but when I see people with semi-automatic weapons, I’m not gonna lie…it freaks-me-the-fuck-out. I just don’t see a need for such powerful weaponry in the hands of a common citizen.

When our forefathers created the constitution and called for us all to have the right to bear arms, do you HONESTLY think they could have anticipated what our country is seeing today? Times have changed. Opinions have changed. To use our constitution to uphold laws that have not changed with the times seems ignorant to me.

Let me re-iterate: I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE YOUR GUNS! I believe you should be able to have your own guns and kill animals (back off, PETA) and protect your home and family and land and God forbid…the Zombies.

Perhaps this entire post will be all for naught – I heard the world is ending today. #thanksobama

Thank you for keeping the comments respectful and thought provoking. Let’s get a dialogue going here. EDUCATE ME. Tell me your thoughts.


5 thoughts on “Sassy’s Thoughts On Gun Control and Mass Shootings ~ Let’s Discuss, WordPress People

  1. April says:

    I agree with you. I’m fine with people owning guns. I’m ok with people owning multiple guns, prepping, whatever. But I do think there needs to be SOMETHING done that helps keep guns from those with a mental illness. I think, at the same time, it’s a slippery slope. we have to define what mental illnesses are ok. Someone who has depression isn’t likely to go on a shooting spree, whereas someone who is schizophrenic may. But then you ;run into trickier ones, like PTSD.

    I don’t have answers.

    • sassypanties says:

      Exactly…the whole “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and “Gee, it worked so well to make drugs illegal” arguments are stale. Make it a smidge harder to get a damn gun is all I’m saying. The people who really want them and have no prior record of violence or mental illness will have to jump through a few extra hoops or a deeper background check and wait a little longer, but if they are legit, they’ll get their guns. Someone that goes through a background check and come up questionable, they are going to have to turn to the black market to get their guns – just like a meth-head goes about getting his or her meth.

      I’m with you, April. I don’t have answers. Just a lot, lot, LOT of questions.

  2. Peabea says:

    I think we should have the right to our guns, but agree we need stronger restrictions for when purchasing a gun. On the mental health issue, my opinion only, but I feel those around someone that may have a mental health issue, the family, the person or whoever needs to feel that they are safe to let others know. The stigma of mental health needs to be addressed because on some of these shootings, someone had to be aware of the person going downhill mentally and needing help. Maybe I’m all wet on that, but I feel if someone in my family was having issues, I would certainly have clues. However, I’ve not walked in their shoes nor do I or will I ever understand the need to take so many with someone who wants to commit suicide. It is such a sad state of affairs. Your post brings out some good questions.

  3. sassypanties says:

    So yes, a right to our guns. How do you feel about a more lengthy background check – something a little more far-reaching than the current method. Sure, there are still those that are going to get their guns no matter what – just like if I want to do Meth, I’ll find a way…

    I guess this also raises the question: What about all the illegal guns that are out there? There’s a black market that any asshole with a fist full of dolla bills can get whatever he wants – including semi-automatic weapons. How do we get more illegal guns off the streets?

    • Peabea says:

      Exactly, there should be a more lengthy background check, and perhaps a better check on those issuing the gun and running the background checks. Are they following through or just going for the money? The illegal guns will be out there no matter what restrictions are in place. If someone wants a gun, they’ll get it, but better checks and balances will deter some of it or should. Prohibition didn’t work, it created more drinking joints than before prohibition. There’s always been mental health issues, but there is definitely a worsening problem at hand when people want to destroy other people. What is causing all this upset? Why all the angry? There is more at play here than just a person with a gun or wanting a gun to hurt someone when they’re angry with society.

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