My soda-ending journey – Buckle Up, Sassyland

…this might be a bumpy ride.

A couple weeks ago, I declared – out loud, so others could hear me – that I’m going to stop drinking soda. 

Why on earth would you do that?!?!

Because. I’m fat. I’m tired. I drink (drank) too much of it.

How much soda did you drink, Sassy?

A. Lot. 

My soda of choice is Pepsi or Dr. Pepper. Equally delicious, in my book. 

Do you think we are going to let you get away with “A. Lot.”?! No. Spill it.

Ok. In one day, I could easily drink two – 20 oz. bottles at work or three 12 oz. cans. Or…if I was lucky, a co-worker would gift me a 1 liter bottle and I could nurse that thing for most of the day and still want to get a can to chug before I went home, only to go straight to the fridge to drink another can before dinner and once dinner was done cooking, I’d grab one pint glass, fill it with about 5 ice cubes, empty the contents of yet another can into the glass then grab one more can and head to the couch – because that’s where we go to eat dinner – the couch. This is where I’ll gorge myself on dinner and finish off my poured pint glass and crack open yet another can and finish that one off. Typically, I’d just sit there the rest of the night…wallowing in my regret. 

I’ve done this for years. And quite frankly, this shit needs to stop. Immediately.

Why now, Sassy? 

I’m stopping now because, I’m tired of being tired. I’m tired of not getting off of my fat ass. I need to start living. I think the only way for me to accomplish this goal, is to stop the thing that I indulge in most…and that is soda. 

I’m not sure I ever felt like I could rule the world, but I can assure you that I feel as though I was about to not be in it – and who wants a world without Sassy in it?! Not me, that’s who!

So today, my goal was to drink two 1 liter bottles of water. I accomplished this goal. And you know what, you guys? I’m pretty fucking proud of myself. You know what else? I only peed ONCE! It may seem funny…but it’s really alarming and sad. 

Two 1 liter bottles of water. One trip to the restroom.  Do you suppose I’m slightly dehydrated?! Perhaps even SEVERELY?! Yeah…me too.
So, this is my public journey. I invite you to join me. No judgement. No commitment. Just a few folks, giving up soda to perhaps avoid a diabetic coma or two. Perhaps lose some weight. Maybe gain some energy. We can build each other up. We can forgive and give support when we slip. Start with short term goals. Try it for a month. Document the changes in your body. I’m going to. 


4 thoughts on “My soda-ending journey – Buckle Up, Sassyland

  1. I might have you beat in soda consumption. I’m indulging in a glass right now at 3AM. By 6AM I will have consumed about 16oz. Between 6 and 12 Noon probably another 1 liter bottle. From Noon -bedtime about 8PM tonight I could polish off another 1 liter bottle. This pepsi addiction is no joke! I drink nothing else. I keep telling myself it’s my comfort go to and I deserve it! In reality it started long ago as a kid who never got soda. We couldn’t afford it! That was for rich kids. So when I had my own money the first thing I always treated myself to was soda. My sister was older and used to hide hers and I made it my mission to find it and drink it! Thus the addiction began!
    My kids hate that I drink so much soda but sadly one of them is a rival in that department. He will fight me for the last drop and I see his pepsi addiction as my burden to bare.
    I’ve tried coffee to get me going in the morning and I couldn’t stand it! I’ve used that as my excuse for the 1st glass of the day for years and I know it’s just excuse!
    I am proud of you for kicking the carmel colored liquid to the curb and I’m cheering you on all the way.
    So in your honor I will drink 2 bottles of water today. Not as big as yours but it’s a start! It might help with all the bloating I feel each day and help this dry skin that plagues me.
    Thank you for kicking me in the butt with your example.

    • sassypanties says:

      MoM-I’m so happy that you are going to try!!! This is awesome!!! My suggestion is to just chug a bottle as quick as you can 1st thing. If you think of how fast you can drink a bottle of Pepsi, you can do it.

      I can drink a can of soda so fast…sooooooooooooooo fast. It’s scary a little bit.

  2. Peabea says:

    I too have loved Pepsi since discovering it in my sophomore year when I could walk down the street to the store and get a 12 oz bottle for $.10cents. Yeah, I’m that old. haha. Over the years, it has continued. Since I turn 69 this year, you know how long my tummy has experienced that addiction. Love my Pepsi or even a Coke at time. The only times I could not stomach to even look at it was twice when I was pregnant. My stomach would lurch to even look at the dark drink. Should have told me something. But no, afterward delivery of baby and feeling better, on to the purchase of Pepsi.

    When I would take a break from drinking pop, I would drop pounds so I know it is one source of weight gain for me.

    First part of March, this year, I had the flu terrible for most of the month. Beginning with the first few days of March and the flu, I couldn’t even look at people pouring a glass of Pepsi or Coke without feeling nauseous. Even after I was starting to feel better, the effect remained. So, this time, I decided to not have anymore when I felt better and gave what I had away. Been drinking the water ever since. No sweet drinks. Not that I did it thinking to lose weight this time, I just think my kidneys need a break. Have not had any to date and really don’t want any (May 5th) so we’ll see how it continues to go. I know if I crumble and drink one, I would be right back. So far, once I start the large glass of ice water, it is amazing that I do crave more water.

    Good luck, and I know you’re dedicated and you’ve got this miss ladybug. ~hugs~

    • sassypanties says:

      Thank you for sharing, Patricia!!!! So sorry you were sick for so long. How are you feeling since stopping the soda consumption? Have you felt a noticeable difference?

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