This One Is for Jenny…


Ugh. Feeling overwhelmed again…heading for that dark place that you hate to go to. You know what is great about being overwhelmed? When you start to see the light…you know that you had the strength inside yourself to fight your way back. And it’s worth it every time. Every. Single. Time. It’s worth it.

I’m not sure if you’ll even see this…but…there is a song a very close friend wrote and I want to share it with you.

This is a song that has come out of her struggles with depression and thankfully she has a brilliant mind and voice and the talent to put her feelings into a song and have something cleansing come from being able to perform it again and again. She doesn’t play this song at very many concerts…but I was lucky to be in the room when she did once, and it crushed my soul and brought hope at the same time because the simple fact that she (and you) are able to share with us when you have these moments, really means the world to those who love you the most. The most devastating thing to me as a friend and human being is when someone I care about so deeply is going through something and they don’t share it with me. If you don’t let us know – we can’t help. Even if it’s just telling someone you are struggling – maybe they can’t do a fucking thing about it to help you…but I wonder if verbalizing it and just taking the pressure off of yourself by letting someone other than YOU, know that you’re struggling is part of what helps you come out of the darkness a little bit.

You are never alone…ever. You are loved. Genuinely. Deeply. I’m aware that sometimes those facts get lost in the darkness. But I’m here. As are so many others.

Here are the lyrics to Sad Again, by Emma Hill

Nights are long and the dark lingers on
I feel the blues comin’ on by
Ground is caught under a blanket of cold
Can’t seem to find a bit of light
Will you take me as I am
So strung out and blue
Don’t know why it hurts so bad
To admit I’m sad to you
I fought the bottle
And it seems I may have won
But with that whiskey sippin’ daze all gone
All my feelings come undone
Will you take me as I am
So strung out and blue
Don’t know why it hurts so bad
To admit I’m sad to you
Will you take me as I am
So strung out and blue
Will you take me as I am
‘Cause I’m so sad again

Granted, it’s not a happy song, but sometimes, knowing that there is someone out there willing to take you as you are, and someone else that is able to articulate what you are feeling into a song, makes you feel that you are not alone.

I love you. I really do. You can ask anyone! ~ Carm

One thought on “This One Is for Jenny…

  1. dommehouse says:

    Maybe sometimes it’s hard to see the light through the darkness… but it does always come! Stay strong.

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