What Not To Do: Century Link Salesperson

Your name may be on our football and soccer field in Seattle, WA…but you are a fucking asshole, Century Link.

Just got a call at my office from our friendly Century Link Sales Representative. Talking about how the lines to our office are actually theirs and that Comcast is “utilizing” them and are simply the “billing party” and that we should switch.

Sales 101:

  1. Don’t ask me to tell you how much I’m being charged before you tell me how much you’re willing to charge me.
  2. No, I will not send you my current bill so that you can make a lame-assed attempt at “beating a price”.
  3. Don’t talk to me as though you’re “just going to go ahead and switch me over” because I’m not giving you permission to do so.
  4. When I say to you “For the record, in case this call is being monitored for customer assurance, that I am NOT giving you permission to do any kind of service change whatsoever.” Do NOT come back with, “This isn’t the 90’s………” I will call you out on your condescending tone and will promptly end the call.

Dear Century Link,

Matt Davidson is a douche. His direct line is 1-877-804-4180. If you call back and I am the one to answer the phone, you will certainly be told to never contact this office again.


The Property Manager BITCH of the UNIVERSE.



2 thoughts on “What Not To Do: Century Link Salesperson

  1. Yeah, Matt Davidson. Don’t call my office either, douche.

  2. markbialczak says:

    And don’t go looking for your next job to be in phones sales tomorrow either, Matt Davidson.

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