Sassy Movie Review: All Is Lost

Good ol’ Robert Redford, you guys.

He’s such a cool fella. I’d imagine he’d think I’m pretty cool, too. Potty mouth and all.

So we have that cool Amazon Fire Stick Thingy that that crazy sunuvabitch Gary Busey yammers on about in his incoherent way in those commercials. Something about jamming a seashell into the USB port on your TV? I dunno what the fuck that guy is on…but I’m steering clear of it.

Because we are Amazon Prime Members, we get a buncha stuff to look at with this stick thingy. TV shows, movies…I think you can even play games.

ANYWAY…back to the show.

It’s basically a tale of a man and his sailboat and survival and storms and life rafts, and being alone and coming to terms with your life, how you’ve lived it and how you have affected humanity. How the will to live is so very strong.

Making something out of nothing until there’s truly nothing left. And just when you’ve lost all hope…you find something to live for.

photo credit: Dave Alberti, long time friend.


One thought on “Sassy Movie Review: All Is Lost

  1. Yeah that dude that promotes that Fire Stick needs to learn how access his normal side.

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