SassyBraggin: Music

Hiya Guys,

Have I mentioned how talented my friends are? I mean…my friends dance and sing and write music and play instruments…and they are MY FRIENDS!!!!!! Like, they like me and stuff. HOW FUCKING LUCKY AM I?!?!?!


We went to go see our friend Kurt Lindsay play at a local coffee shop tonight and he let my kiddo sing with him on a song and he played for her as she sang another song!

So I want you to hear this because I’m shameless like that. I’ll try to “embed” this properly tomorrow at some point, because right now? I’m laying in bed on my celly and I just drank some NyQuil so I need to post this quick before I become comatose.

This first video is my daughter Katie singing “Royals” accompanied by our good friend Kurt Lindsay who graciously let her crash his gig last night. You’re just gonna have to trust me that I’m not going to feed you spam here because for some UNGODLY DAMN REASON, WordPress is not allowing me to post TWO video’s here – so you have to click the link.

This second one is Kurt and Katie singing together the song “Falling Slowly”.



2 thoughts on “SassyBraggin: Music

  1. markbialczak says:

    Oh, Sassy, she must love you for the bagel breath comment, huh?

    Your daughter Katie has a very lovely voice. Nice, indeed, for your friend Kurt to allow her to crash his gig at Urban Timber. Katie, you can sing. Deliver the lyrics with confidence, young woman. 🙂

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