I’m Super(Bowl) Emotional

So…I get it. Not everyone is a Seahawks fan, although I can’t think of one reason you wouldn’t be. Okay, okay…maybe I can. Maybe because we beat your team? Or you’re not accustomed to celebratory crotch grabs? Maybe it’s the boastful post-game on-field interviews of certain players who just made the play if their lives and then get a microphone thrust into their piehole? Maybe you’re not used to your team playing with fully-inflated….BALLS?

Whatever team you follow, I’m sure you have felt what I’m about to attempt to explain with words.

Today, something pretty amazing happened. The Seahawks organization piled into 3 custom coach buses and headed to SeaTac Airport on their way to play in their SECOND Super Bowl in as many years. I wasn’t planning to be on the bus route, but my husband and daughter went to a concert in Seattle last night and the car didn’t start when they wanted to leave to come back home. It was my job to go get them this morning.

I remembered hearing about some of the freeway ramps being closed so that the fans could give our boys a #SeahawksSendoff and the timing was going to be just about right for me to perhaps catch a glimpse of the buses. Thousands of fans lined the roads along the path the team would take to get to the airport. Overpasses filled with fire trucks and police cars, fans of every age dressed in their finest 12th man gear. Flags flying, towels twirling, arms flailing. For this:

When I saw the fans on the overpasses start to wave their 12th Man flags and waving like maniacs, I grabbed my phone and prepared myself. What I did not expect was to be overcome with emotions. The fact that I was driving at the perfect place without intention or having planned it brought chills all over my body. Then my eyes welled up. I’m not sure what I expected to feel, but I shouldn’t have been surprised. It’s no secret that I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I cry at coffee commercials for chrissakes. I cry when one player helps another player stand up after they just got done tackling them. Yeah…I’m one of those.

I’m an excited Seahawks fan. I’ve cheered for and cried for this team ever since I was a kid. Coming from a family of diehard football fans, my dad had no sisters…only brothers…my Sundays and Mondays were always filled with football. I love my team. The men that represent us on the field are amazing humanitarians. They all have incredible hearts. If you think otherwise, might I suggest you do a little research?


Russell Wilson goes to Seattle Children’s Hospital every week to visit the kids. And he truly *loves* doing it. And there are so many more stories – so many.

The feeling in our city…our entire state…we are so proud of our Hawks. The camaraderie is palpable…you can actually feel it…it’s an electricity in the air, there is a scent to it. Everyone’s smile is a bit wider. It’s because we “Believe”. They made us believe in magic.




3 thoughts on “I’m Super(Bowl) Emotional

  1. markbialczak says:

    I am happy for you, Sassy. I am an all-in sports fan, so I can totally relate to your state of euphoria for your Seahawks squad. And, yes, euphoric State for their Seahawks squad. I rooted for them last year and will Sunday, too. I love Russell Wilson.

    FYI, I’m a lifelong Mets/Jets fan. Islanders in hockey. Maryland Terps (my alma mater), and Syracuse Orange (my hometown squad). Those are the teams I root for with ooomph every game.

    Enjoy your second straight Super Bowl Sunday. :-

    • sassypanties says:

      Ah! Now I have a great reason to root for the Jets and Mets (when they arent playing my Seattle teams).

      I just love great sportsmanship. No matter who is playing.

      • markbialczak says:

        i like your attitude, Sassy. I followed Russell Wilson for all his years at N.C. State because I thought he was so classy at QB vs. my Terrapins every year no matter what. Followed through at Wisconsin for that last year and onto the Seahawks. 🙂 Sportsmanship is his thing.

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