That’s fucked up…

So Christmas Eve, my daughter comes home after work (she landed a “seasonal” gig at Costco as her first job, y’all – which has the possibility of going full time at the end of the seasonal-season – but apparently they lay seasonal folks off after the busy season, then call them back after the budget gets figured out or as there is room for folks to get hired if they made the cut) and said she had some “news”.

Her manager called her into the office Christmas Eve and said that they had been going over the budget and discussing things and had decided that she was going to get hired full-time. Right away. YAAAAAYYYY!!! Of course we are all excited as SHITBALLS over here, right? I mean…COSTCO!!!! For a first job?!?! Costco is a super awesome company to work for. Bennies, pay, retirement…career advancement. It’s fucking RADSAUCE!

Today she sent me a text and said that they re-evaluated the budget and they are going to lay her off on Friday.

You guys. Seriously. Is that like, fucked up? I mean it’s not just me, right? It’s not me being a freaky mom-type, is it? To tell someone they are hired as a full time employee – but BEFORE they do that, talk about the budget, and say they have room to hire you and what a great job you were doing and all of that…? And then…CHANGE THEIR MIND?! Like………….WHAT?!?!

I’m fucking confused. My 105 pound daughter pushed 16 tons of carts in the bitter cold for two months solid-better than ANY of the fucking pansy-assed dudes they hired on, came to work early, stayed late, came in when they needed someone…and THEY HIRED HER…tttthhheeeeennnnn….naaaaahhh…nevermind. *BRAINS EVERWHERE*

Okay…that last part was a little “freaky mom-type”…sorry. I’m just dumbfounded. Maybe it’s a test. Maybe they want to see if she will give it her all between now and FRIDAY to see if her attitude is affected by the complete mind-fucking they just gave her.

I guess I’ll let you know on Friday if that’s what happens. Shit. Excuse me while I pick up my brains that splattered all over Sassyland. Watch where you step.


4 thoughts on “That’s fucked up…

  1. sassypanties says:

    I want to assure you that I’ve raised very respectful, intelligent children. Regardless of my profanity levels…they are not like me in that regard. Also, this blog represents all the things i wish i could say and rarely the things that i actually say-except for those Apartment Manager Tales with the back and forth conversations…those are real.

  2. This is wrong on so many levels. Her manager needs to go back to school because those are some very lousy managerial skills he or she has acquired. Sounds to me like he gave her news of keeping her job when he did not have the authority to do so and now he has to clean up his own mistakes.
    Tell her to do her job as always until Friday. Take a breath and move on. Whatever she has learned from this job will not be wasted. The next job will gain the value of her job experience and she will be a better employee once again.
    As for the manager I’d like to kick him in his ass for dashing the hopes of a young girl. I hope his dreams and hopes get a little squashing very soon.
    Give that girl a big hug from me.

  3. tiredwife says:

    Nope, that’s fucked up. That’s also similar to what my first job did to me. My first job was at Michaels (the craft store) for their grand opening. They gave me a whole spiel about how they were hiring permanent workers, they would train us, all of that. Then when grand opening was over they laid off all of us “permanent employees”.

  4. markbialczak says:

    That manager won’t be working for Costco for long when wind of this drifts up the ladder, is my guesstimation, if your initial analysis of the worthiness of the organization as a place of employment is correct, Sassy. That’s really poor management, even in this day and age, in which the employer holds all the carrots and sticks, and the employees and prospective employees do all of the horsey braying.

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