Apartment Manager Tales #45: Just Pay Your Goddamned Rent

The beginning of the month is always a treat at the old apartment complex. Rent is due on the 1st, late on the 6th – which means late fees are assessed. And no, I will not waive your fucking late fees. I don’t give a flying shit if the last manager waived them, I don’t care if you are one damn day late because your car broke down and you had to wait for another payday to roll around. Technically speaking, your rent is DUE in the 1st. You get a grace period through the 5th to pay without penalty.

Herein lies the issue. Anyone that hasn’t paid their damn rent, now needs a 3-day Notice to Pay or Vacate. What does that mean? Well, the landlord – moi – gets the joy of creating the notices for those who haven’t paid their rent in full. Once the notices are created, we make copies, post them to the tenants door – face out for the world to see (don’t get it twisted, this is the PROPER way to serve these notices according to the court. If I don’t post it this way? The case gets thrown out of court if we need to go that route. Proper service is really important). The person either pays their rent before the next 3 days is up or they turn in their keys and get the hell out.

Now, if they don’t do *either* of those things on their own by the time the damn 3-day notice expires, we pursue an eviction. WHICH IS A PAIN IN THE ASS FOR ME, and a really NOT GOOD thing for the tenant.

My suggestion to you is:


That’s my Westie. His name is WINSTON. He’s a badass mofo and tells it like it is. And yes, he’s wearing a sweater. He’s a well-dressed badass mofo that can pull off a Christmas Sweater like nobody’s business. #winstagram


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