This…is Emma Hill

I’ve posted about her before. I’m sort of crazy about her music and as a person and friend, I adore her – truly and sincerely. She’s AMAZEBALLS.


I recently decided that it was time I launched a Fanclub for her since the running joke is that I’m like her biggest Superfan of all time and I’m constantly plugging her amazing music. But the timing of this is special because she just launched a new album titled “Denali” and it is…fantastic. Emma is from Alaska and a little tiny town called Sleetmute.

It should come as no surprise then, that I created a “Superfans of Emma Hill” page on Facebook. Feel free to join if you love this video I’m about to share. You can also hit us up on Twitter: @EmmaSuperfans

She’s on tour right now with her best friend Bryan Daste who is infinitely talented and plays banjo, a fucking AWESOME pedal steel that will turn you into a weeping sobbing shell of a human being – but…this man sings with Emma in such a way as to enhance her every note and make her shine and soar and he is just such a great guy. It’s truly the best collaboration I’ve witnessed. They are heading to Philly this week and DC, so if you are in the area, I implore you to go hunt them down and witness the greatness in person.

Feel free to also check out Emma’s webpage here. You can sign up to be added to her email list.

Here is the video I promised. This song is on her new album “Denali” and it’s called “An Epic”. Enjoy.


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