Hi Sassyland what do your car window stickers say about you?

This guy…



8 thoughts on “Hi Sassyland what do your car window stickers say about you?

  1. This guy’s says, “I’m a douche, except for my superior taste in football teams.”

  2. I don’t know. Sounds to me like he likes to act like he’s a BIG deal but I’ve got the feeling he must have a tiny meat sword.

  3. See I can still learn a few words from the kids! LOL My son and I were having a conversation where he was explaining to me about 2 kids in his grade who had sex at a party, in the grass, next to a shed , in front of everyone. I wasn’t following! Sooooo he said “Mom listen…A and B had sex. He took his meat sword and inserted it into her Va-jay-jay and thus sex!” Thus the term meat sword was born 🙂

  4. cjxzoic1970 says:

    I’ve actually shocked and dismayed strangers by disecting everything from their bumper stickers, license plates and how they treat their car. Ended up getting a date with a young lady who had ‘Dance4lfe’ Kansas license plate, NY or bust sticker, and various other items on her car that revealed she was into organic food, humanity issues and accustic rock on her VW beetle. She was an open book meeting her in Ohio, got into a good conversation and made a friend lol.

  5. sassypanties says:

    I think it says, “Hi! I’m a fucktard asshole. Let’s measure my penis…that ruler measures centimeters, right?”

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