It’s SASSYWEEN, y’all!!!!

Halloween has passed and has left its shrapnel strewn around my house. Masks, lights, skeletons, grave markers, wet artificial spider web, wigs, disrobed costumes and rotten pumpkins ooze down my steps to my front door.

After 200+ trick or treaters, our neighborhood is prepping for the next phase…the planning of Christmas Light Extravaganzas! We slowly turn “Scarecrow Row” (literally…our entire block lines our street with scarecrows) into “Candy Cane Lane”. We do our best to put a dent in the environment by burning copious amounts of energy with our over the top light displays.

Last year we advertised in the paper and asked folks to drive through the neighborhood and bring non-perishable food donations for a local food bank. We collected over 400 pounds of food. This year we got a jump on the invites to Candy Cane Lane by handing out flyers to the parents of our trick or treaters as they demanded treats. Hopefully, we will beat last years food collection totals.

Here’s a few shots of my various costumes and pictures of my house.





3 thoughts on “It’s SASSYWEEN, y’all!!!!

  1. markbialczak says:

    Great idea for the next holiday, sassy. I hope the early start brings more food for the hungry than last year, and 400 pounds was a lot. Way to go.

    And your costumes. Very sassy. Nice.

  2. Peabea says:

    What a great idea. You’re always so energetic and doing things to enjoy life, and that’s a great idea for food collection. Love the costumes. 🙂 Oh, and the face on the house scared me. bah!! ha

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