You guys! I’m a stagemom! My poor kid…

It’s something that I don’t mind sharing with you because – let’s face it…I’m not like those Dance Mom’s – I swear, y’all…I’m NOT!

I’m more of a gentle whisper than a BIG FAT ASSHOLE. So when we visited The Great State of Texas last week and pulled an old fogey move and went on a tour of the State Capitol Building in Austin, being a person that appreciates acoustics, I asked my daughter to get to the highest point in the rotunda – which just happens to be the 4th floor – and sing the National Anthem. And then…?…this happened, y’all – THAT IS MY BABY!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I was all the way across the other side…and the sound isn’t all that great…but man…that kid can SING HER FACE OFF!

I couldn’t help but share because I’m braggy like that and stuff. Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “You guys! I’m a stagemom! My poor kid…

  1. Plus – think of where your promotion has lead! Without it, you wouldn’t be friends with Superstar Emma Hill! So there you go.

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