Stupid Questions #2: What Are They Even Supposed To Be Doing?

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Okay Rookies, I know learning football can be a bit trying, but that question sounds like it is just loaded with snark.

And I know from snark.

Well, last week you learned about your team. This week are the very rudimentary basics of the game. More in blogs to follow!

Here we go …

They’re supposed to be getting the ball to the goal. The goal is the whole end of the field! If they do it, they earn points. How they do it determines how many points they earn.

They’re supposed to be getting the ball at least ten yards within their four chances. Each of those chances is called a “down.” Hopefully they’ll move much further – like all the way to the end for a TOUCHDOWN – but if they get their ten yards they get four more downs.

Some commentators will say that teams who…

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