Whoa! Why the heck are you following me?!?

Hey Y’all!!

I’ve been getting TONS (not bragging AT ALL) of follows lately.

The hell? I mean, thanks and all, but some of you seem waaaaaaaay too nice to be following my profanity laden blog. There are tons of people with actual GREAT BLOGS, poets, true writers…I mean…I do this for fun and to make fun of my job and even some friends of mine….shit, I even do it so that I don’t spontaneously combust from all the bullshit drama I’m face with on the daily.

I can’t figure it out! Can you enlighten me? No, this isn’t a moment for you to stroke what little ego I may or may not have. That’s not the point. You all just seem so nice…

Okay – thanks! Love you oodles and gobs and THANK YOU for following my trashy little blog. I’ll try not to let you down…or maybe I’ll try harder to let you down. You know…whatevs…


9 thoughts on “Whoa! Why the heck are you following me?!?

  1. ekgo says:

    It’s probably just the way the internet works.
    Also, maybe you’re like the dark side to nice people, where they can go to engage in a little bit of evilness without doing anything wrong?
    Maybe consider charging for your services.

  2. i personally aint been hitting you up on here lately…
    i all diggin your daughters singing shit in the mall on twittwat.
    you mutha…pimper you…

    • sassypanties says:

      Thank you for the twitter following…I’m about as good at posting there as I am here. Bleh. Sometimes, it’s a little slow in the material department. I have to save up all the juicy stuff so I can lay it all out in one huge gynormous post.

      • how you be liking my NC boy russ wilson? ya know he went to college with my girl. NCSU. yah..they had classes togther. its weird and stuff.

        btw…your girl is off the chain!

      • sassypanties says:

        Russ is the shizz. He’s everything we needed here in Seattle. And I think he knows we love him to the moon. Your girl is pretty lucky, if you ask me. Or perhaps he was the lucky one? 😉

      • ……your are welcomed.

        I can tell you, there was this pool party…at toris dorm. it went a lil like this…

        one time at toris dorm, there was a foam party….
        all the athletes were invited…came….
        by the end of lets say 5:30 AM….
        there were alot of clothes, shoes, wallets, and no peoples hanging around.

        tori scored major brand named jean shorts, shirts, and sperry shoes (and mama too.)

        9 months later…..athletes scored more than points …..

        the end.

        the name of the dorm is UT. University Towers. well known for the partys. and the pool. and the pregnancy rate. NOT TORI THO. whew. thank you holy jesus.

  3. Hmmmm why am I following you? Good question, I might have to reconsider 😉

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