SASSY ISN’T DEAD! Randomness to catch you up…

Hey Y’all!! I AM NOT DEAD!

I’ve been too busy lately to write. Summer Fall WINTER  always finds our family BATSHIT CRAZY with stuff to do. It gets pretty insane.

Here are a few things we’ve been up to lately the last few months – some of which is a tad bit COMPLETELY FUCKING outdated…because this is a draft I started on June 27th! Oh well…here it goes…:

  • I went to a concert for a local band called “Bodybox” (awesome) and also we saw “Ben Union” (rad). I enjoyed myself an IMMENSE amount. I truly felt my inner rock star fluttering around like a happy little butterfly – except my wings had SKULL TATS. However – Let me tell ya something…I might be too old for rock concerts. Wanna know how I fucking know that? Okay – I’ll tell you. I think the music was so loud that I not only lost my sense of hearing anything but a high pitched tone for 2 days? BUUUUTTT…I lost my sense of smell for a few hours. Yeah. I KNOW! You’re thinking – “Uh…yo, Sassy…that’s not how it works.” But I’m here to tell you that we tested that shit out on the way home and I could not smell a thing. It’s a long story, but if the person that I’ve got a story to tell about our drive home that night reads this blog and gives me permission @Fanschmurl I will tell it…but…I’m awesome like that and I don’t get into stories that involve people I love without their permission. So…you’ll have to bother her on twitter and beg her to get the story outta me. Also – you can follow me on twitter @DelishyDishy
  • In an offhanded comment, I dropped a hint to my boss that if another property needed someone to come in and kick some major ass that I’d be *willing* to leave this hellhole lickety-split – well…he heard me and within about a week, I had an offer to go to a larger, newer, better property, more DINERO, AAAAANNNNNNNNDDDDDDD to top it all off, I told him I want MY maintenance guy to come with me. It is a done deal and I shall take over on July 8th. I’ll have a whole new batch of asshats to write about! I’m so excited!
  • We pawned the fruit of my loins off to my mother in Oregon for one day shy of 2 weeks. They are currently on the road to THE PORTLAND ZOOOOOOO! I’m so jealous. They are having an amazing time with grandma.
  • My daughter was able to sit in at a recording studio for a total of 4 days with our good friend and talented musician/producer of the awesome Emma Hill, Mr. Bryan Daste. He let Katie come in and just experience the music studio sessions he had, she was even able to help the artist by singing on his record a little…HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?
  • We had our 8th annual block party/National Night Out celebration. A good time was had by all – highlighted by the 900 water balloons we filled the night before causing mayhem and all the senior citizens to wobble home as fast as they could so that they didn’t get pummeled. That’s when the party REALLY gets started. After that, everyone is soaked and has laughed quite a bit and
  • We took the VERY ANTICIPATED trip to Maui in August. 13 days and 12 nights of BLISS. When we got back? I was ready to be home…but…now? Going on 3 weeks 5 months later? I pretty much think we should just go live there. And it’s not just a “thought” I’m having, either. It’s like something inside my gut telling me we should. Only thing is…our neighbors would probably rather kill us than let us move away. And then there’s that whole convincing the husband to do it, thing…
  • On October we went to the Avett Brothers Concert. Hubby said he had gotten great tickets…but what I wasn’t prepared for was FRONT ROW FUCKING DEAD CENTER ALL UP IN THEIR GRILL tickets!!!!!!!!
  • MY KID SANG WITH SETH AVETT! Holy shit, y’all!!! We made this sign:
    Hey Seth, Let's Duet!

    Hey Seth, Let’s Duet!

    Because…let’s face it. If you ADORE someone you’re going to see and they have no idea you exist…you’ve GOTTA make a SIGN!

…so then this happened:

Seth and Katie

La laaaaaa lalalalaaaaaa…

And then this happened:

Notice it wasn't your typical single fist bump...KATIE GOT THE DOUBLE FIST BUMP!!!!!!!!

Notice it wasn’t your typical single fist bump…KATIE GOT THE DOUBLE FIST BUMP!!!!!!!!

So then…:



  • A lot of other cool stuff has happened, but now if I tell you any of it, it’s like, “Yo! Sassy…did you *really* think you could top the Seth and Katie singing thing with more bullshit randomness? Jesus Christ, woman…end on a high note!” So I will…by posting this: 

9 thoughts on “SASSY ISN’T DEAD! Randomness to catch you up…

  1. Deanna says:

    Permission granted!

  2. STFU.


  3. PinotNinja says:

    Katie is SERIOUSLY crushing it at life. How do I get to be that girl??

  4. ekgo says:

    Ok, you’re way worse at keeping up than I am. I’m only one month behind so…thank you for making me feel better about being a slacker! Also, congrats on the new job…ish…thing. Point is, I can’t wait to hear the new stories! You know they’re my fave.

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