Suicide Prevention Week – a word from The Bloggess

So many of you know who Jennifer Lawson is…her moniker is The Bloggess. She’s incredibly beautiful, smart, hilariously funny, loving and extremely sarcastic. All of these traits just scratch the surface of who she is, but they are many of the reasons I’m platonically in love with her. YEAH SPELL CHECK – I JUST TYPED “PLATONICALLY”…red squiggle THIS!

In her post today she eloquently shared that this week is Suicide Prevention Week and asked us to share a few links, phone numbers, etc. with our readers on our blog, and I thought it would be an excellent idea to just go ahead and link her post from today here, so that you can read what she wrote.

Jenny, you’re amazing…and I love you. You matter.

Read all about it.


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