I did not die in Maui…

I’m alive. We got home on the 19th of August, but I’m now sick. Thank you, Hawaiian Airlines for that…

I promise to get back into blogging in about a week or so…but first? I must close my eyes.

P.S. Am I the only one that buys NyQuil and throws that motherfucking measuring cup away IMMEDIATELY?

P.P.S. Are there any known cases of death by NyQuil overdose?

P.P.P.S. How about cases of death by mixing NyQuil and Baked Ziti? Cuz I plan on drinking NyQuil with my dinner tonight…


13 thoughts on “I did not die in Maui…

    PS. feel better…drink two bottles!

  2. ekgo says:

    Oh, the thought of big-gulping Nyquil makes chills of ickitude run down my spine. But then, I hate that stuff, so…
    And you really should be fair – that sunburn you got may be a contributing factor to the plague you are now experiencing.
    Just sayin’

    • sassypanties says:

      I healed up from that sunburn like, 2 weeks ago, home slice!

      • ekgo says:

        On your SKIN. You don’t know that it didn’t just get all the way through to your bones and is burning your marrow right now, thus making you sick. No one knows how sunburns really work. Especially the ones from Hawaii. Anyhow, it – the burn – should go out soon because there’s nothing left after marrow. Is there? I don’t think there is so you’ll be better in a few days.
        I’m not a doctor, but I play one on the internet. Usually, a quack.

      • sassypanties says:

        That explains why I’m having a nervous breakdown right now because I’m BOILING-FUCKING-HOT!!!! Holy SHITBALLS!!!

        I AM IN HELL!!!!!!!

      • ekgo says:

        You are in hell and there’s a sunburn in your bone marrow.

        I don’t know what you should do to rectify either of those situations, either. I don’t think Hail Mary’s are going to help, at this point.

      • sassypanties says:

        Holy shit I think I need a slurpee. I’m pretty sure the only thing that is going to cure me is brain freeze. But I’m not a doctor…

      • ekgo says:

        I can prescribe one of those. I’m totally legit enough to do that.
        You need a slurpee. Make someone bring you one STAT!

  3. suzie81 says:

    Welcome back! I wondered where you’d gone!

  4. Aww sweet girl I am so sorry you aren’t feeling well. That absolutely sucks to end summer that way.
    I’m so glad to hear that your vacation was all you had hoped and that the girls had a wonderful time 🙂
    I also throw away the measuring cup on the Nyquil. There is no better friend when you’re sick! Hell I’ve taken it just to get a good night’s sleep on more than a few occasions.
    Hope you’re feeling better in no time! Big hugs! Love ya!

  5. PinotNinja says:

    I strongly believe that Nyquill and baked ziti are a magical elixir that will fix anything that ails you. Ever.

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