Handle. Your. Shit. – Apartment Manager Tales #? 10?

Happy Saturday, everybody! Unless it’s already Sunday where you live…

I woke up this morning and decided to watch some boob tube and then eventually I took a nap. I awoke to my celly phone ringing and it was my maintenance guy. He said that my assistant did not come into work today. She was scheduled to work from 10-4 today. I texted her and she didn’t reply. Dammit.

I got up and got ready to take off and texted her again telling her she needed to call me.

I got to work and my maintenance guy did as much as he could to help the people that showed up. One was for an appointment at 10:30, the others were wanting to take a tour of various apartment layouts and someone wanted to give me their late rent payment.

After I handled all the messages that I had, my maintenance guy and I walked over to my assistants apartment and knocked on the door – since we had BOTH tried to call/text her SEVERAL times, with no response. She answered to the knocking with: Who is it?………..

Me: It’s ME. Are you okay?!

Her: *opens door* Yeah…my meds made me sick.

Me: Did you have an appointment today at 10:30?

Her: Oh…yeah…I forgot.

Me: Well, we both tried calling and texting you and you didn’t respond! You should have called me to let me know you weren’t coming in today.

Her: Sorry.

Me: *stomps off to the office, shaking head the entire way*

This will have been the 2nd day she has called in sick since I’ve been there and add an extra 1/2 day to that because she didn’t feel good one morning so she came in late. She only works 3 days per week, so out of 6 days that I’ve been her manager, she’s called in 2 1/2 of those days.

Any bets on how long she lasts?

HANDLE YOUR SHIT, LADY! You complain that you don’t get paid enough, yet when you actually have a manager that gives a shit…it appears that you don’t give a shit about your JOB. Time for a reality check.



6 thoughts on “Handle. Your. Shit. – Apartment Manager Tales #? 10?

  1. Time for a HELP WANTED ad! Some folks I’ll never understand!

  2. PinotNinja says:

    She’s only been working there for 2 weeks and is already calling in sick. SAY WHAT?! I would never imagine doing that ever. Maybe its just my puritanical New England upbringing, but you don’t take a day off during your first 6 months on a new job unless you are actually dying. And, even then, you should probably try to rally and come in.

    Some people…

    • sassypanties says:

      She has been there for about 2 months. I’ve been there for two weeks. The kicker? My first day, brand new to the property, she said she would come in and she called in sick on MY FIRST DAY, which was quite a challenge.

      She texted me today stating her apologies and asked to make up the day, to which I will decline her services. She needs to feel the pain in her pocketbook as far as I’m concerned. She will find out quick that I do not like to be tested. And her days are numbered….besides, I feel that I may be able to manage this property on my own and after I get it squared away, I will probably stop being open on Saturdays.

  3. Fanschmurl says:

    When I worked managing adults, I could not believe how few of them were responsible enough to do their job if I wasn’t looking. Now I manage kids. Much more responsible – or it’s culturally acceptable to wag my finger at them – either way.

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