What It Takes To Love The Cubs

My friend and Chicago Cubs Fanschmurl!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve been thinking a lot about loyalty lately. It’s a trait I most often associate with my husband (we’ll call him Shmohnny) and not myself. After all, he has had the same best friends his whole life. He’s lived in two cities and worked only a couple of jobs.

I, on the other hand, have moved every 2-3 years before marrying him, worked in jobs ranging from janitor to bridal consultant to youth pastor to teacher and a dozen more. I try to keep in touch with friends, but generally suck at it.

So to sum up, Shmohnny loyal, Fanschmurl disloyal.

And yet …

As I wrote in my guest blog yesterday, I have been loyal to New Kids On The Block for 25 years and THAT hasn’t always been easy.

But there’s more!

I’ve also loved the Chicago Cubs since 1989. That’s 24 years of disappointment and heartbreak…

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5 thoughts on “What It Takes To Love The Cubs

  1. is she up and running? the mother fucker? shut up….tell her im coming ova…

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