A GUEST BLOGGER IN SASSYLAND!!!!!!! You guys are going to LOVE her!

Let me first say, that this has been over a YEAR in the making…you know…begging her to start her own blog, then begging her to do a guest post on MY blog, even asking if she wanted to team up to start a blog…but would she ever pull the trigger?


That is…until today

I was so excited when she @’ed (?) tagged (?) mentioned (?) me in a Twitter Tweet (?) post (?) that I almost peed my pants. TRUE. STORY. I’m extremely knowledgeable about Twitter, can you tell? Me. Fucking. Either.

This is my extremely good friend in REAL LIFE AND EVERYTHING, @Fanschmurl. You can find her on Twitter. She’s rad. And a self -proclaimed nerd, but I think she’s extremely smart and beautiful and super fabulous and yes, you should be very jealous that I am her friend and you are not.

Here’s what I need you to do…I need you to OVERWHELM her with so much COMMENT-LOVE that perhaps she’ll come back to do another guest post and EVENTUALLY start her own blog, because I know that she will INSTANTANEOUSLY get followers. She does need to work a little on adding some profanity to her writing…but…we have to start somewhere. I’ll work on it for you all. You’re welcome.

Without further ado, I present to you, FANSCHMURL! *…and the crowd goes wild*


From the Desk of The Fanschmurl (which is my bed) …

My handle on Twitter is Fanschmurl, as in the pseudo-Yiddish “oh, fangirl, fanschmurl!” to maintain a sort of anonymity about my pop culture obsessions.  For a long time, I used the ubiquitous Twitter egg as my icon, and never revealed my real name.



A woman my age, tweeting about Glee and Harry Potter and attempting to get RT’s from celebrity crushes? Disgraceful.  I have a husband! And three kids! And a dog! And a mortgage, for blog’s sake! But in my head, most of the time, I still feel about 13. What’s wrong with me?

But last night, I had an epiphany.

At the New Kids On The Block concert.

NKOTB was the origins of The Fanschmurl. I loved Jordan Knight with a passion that ached in my gut. So strong, in fact, it will require a separate blog to adequately document this love.  And this love has endured for 25 years.  Much longer, as I often remind him, than I have even loved my husband.


So, last night, in the midst of 23,000 thirty-something year old screaming women (most of whom have husbands, kids, dogs, mortgages, or other adult responsibilities), we all knew all of the words. To everything. We were all screaming and sweating and lusting a little (a lot), as though we were 13. Nothing had really changed, even though everything had changed. We had shared an experience 25 years ago, and we were sharing one now. We were fan girls in the truest sense.

And if there are 23,000 of us, can there really be any shame in it?

My name is Deanna, and I am The Fanschmurl.



26 thoughts on “A GUEST BLOGGER IN SASSYLAND!!!!!!! You guys are going to LOVE her!

  1. aliciabenton says:

    You should definitely start your own blog, Fanschmurl! I’ll be your second follower after Sassy Panties! 😉

  2. Ugh, the whole post and not a single fuck, shit, cock, cunt or photo of cleavage. BOOOOO!!!!

    But I enjoyed your writing. You should start a blog. Look at me for fuck’s sake, I have one!

  3. Fanschmurl says:

    Reblogged this on fanschmurl and commented:
    Here is my guest blog debut (which I secretly read as de-butt, in my head) …

  4. ekgo says:

    Dear Deanna, The Fanschmurl, I am Erica, the stalker. I will be happy to stalk you because it will be another link on my stalking chain. See, here’s how it panned out: I was stalking Jenny Lawson (because don’t we all) and was thereby introduced to a zillion other weirdos just like me. So I had to start a blog on WordPress and one day, Sunny Days in DC was trolling WordPress and found me under “Funny (but not as in Ha ha)”(I made up the part in parentheses) so then we had to become BBF (Best Blog Friends) and I found Sassypanties in the comments section of Sunny’s pages so I had to start stalking her. And now I need to move the stalk forward and I will be happy to do that with you if you’d just start a blog.
    And also, I was going to ridicule you for the whole NKOtB love even though you’re a grown woman and should know better…only then I’d be a hypocrite because A-Ha put out an album a few years ago and it made it all the way over to America and no one in the library world had cataloged it so it came to me (I’m a librarian, just in case this was beginning to sound odder than it really is) and I got to catalog it and I cried and held it tightly. I may have given it loving smooches. And then I found out that Mags is suffering from some ailment – cancer, perhaps…or heart disease…something awful – and I was heartbroken and thought about writing him a letter. BECAUSE I CANNOT GET PAST MY 13-YEAR-OLD FANGIRLNESS! So…I’m glad you got to see all your boys in person. I hope you threw panties or something on the stage. Not yours because you probably needed them, but maybe a pair you picked up at Walgreens on the way to the concert?

  5. Oh hell to the yeah. Bring her stanking ass on up. Motherfucker.

  6. […] I wrote in my guest blog yesterday, I have been loyal to New Kids On The Block for 25 years and THAT hasn’t always been […]

  7. Fanschmurl says:

    Alright, alright, I started a blog. Damn you, Jenny Lawson!

  8. Welcome Deanna…any friend of Sassy’s has got to be wonderful! As for the concert …you must be one brave girl to muddle through all the screaming fans but I’m happy to hear you had fun! Nice to feel young again 🙂

  9. Fanschmurl says:

    I AM all the screaming fans. They had to muddle through me. And thanks ❤

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