Apartment Manager Tales: Episode 7? I sorta lost track…and also some other stuff to tell you.

I’ve been M.I.A. – not on purpose, however you should know a few things before I get to the Apartment Manager Tales:

  1. Summer is like, the BUSIEST of all seasons for me and the fam. We are CONSTANTLY doing something and for me to find time to BLOG? It’s super hard. It’s not an excuse…it’s just a simple fact of life.
  2. We got rid of my kids for TWO FUCKING WEEKS! Hubby and I had a great time – you know, doing what grown ups do…we also went and listened to LOTS of live music, which was fun.
  3. My kids went to Oregon to stay with their GRANDMA and UNCLE at my uncle’s ranch and they had a great time, but part of the reason they went is because my oldest (16 years old) had a slight change of heart/rethinking her life course/career options. She’s going to be a senior next year. She’s wanted to be a nurse for the last 3 years and was going to go to school to become an RN, only…she read a book at school last year and uh…the book made her not want to be a nurse anymore because she read some shady shit about the medical community stealing peoples stem cells and doing weird shit to them and not informing the donors about it and it made her completely rethink her thoughts on a career path. FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT REQUIRED READING! And why this is so important is because as you may know my daughter can sing her face off…and we just happen to be friends with a rad dude that is part owner of a recording studio and I contacted him towards the middle of June to see if he’d let her come in and sit in on some recording sessions so that she can observe the creative process and also the production side of the music industry. HE AGREED! How rad is that?!?!? She really enjoyed herself. A LOT. She even was able to lay down some vocal background tracks while she was there for the dude that was recording his album. I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Work has been…interesting…more on *that* shit a little later in the APARTMENT MANAGER TALES: Episode 7.
  5. My dog has been panting like a MOTHERFUCKER. We have officially entered the SUMMER season here in Seattle. Also, so close to 4th of July, she freaks the fuck out considerably when the idiots around our parts set off their M-80’s and bottle rockets.  It’s not pretty – in fact…the other night, we were in the back yard sitting around the fire pit with the neighbors and there was a huge “BOOM!” and she ran into the house…about 1/2 hour later, we were all, “Where’s the motherfucking dog?” and hubs went into the house to search for her. She spazzed out all over the couch, knocking EVERY CUSHION onto the floor…and she wasn’t in there…so he searched the house and SOMEHOW she ended up in the basement. She must have grown opposable thumbs or something because that damn door was shut. It’s a MYSTERY. The following day we were going to a House Concert to hear some live music and we decided we’d give her the sedatives that the vet gave us for her to help her cope with fireworks. When I tell you that she was doped up when we got home? That doesn’t even do it justice. She was hilarious. And trying to get her to climb the stairs to go to bed? EVEN FUNNIER. She tripped and fell 3 times. I had to push her butt to help her the whole way.
  6. We picked up the kids from Oregon last Sunday. We hung out at the ranch for a few hours, grabbed the little one (age 12), then made the trek to the music studio to get the older one (age 16) and also to take our buddy out to dinner as a Thank You for allowing her to experience his end of the music business.
  7. We have had visitors for the last two nights. One set of  friends from high school that now live in Canada came for dinner on Monday – I made my famous PASKETTI(even though this isn’t my PASKETTI recipe…you are going to LOVE this one – it’s the recipe for my famous BRUSCHETTA!)!!! And our other friend from Reno, who we also went to school with and who, believe it or not, was my boyfriend in High School – he came with his lovely wife and adorable daughter for dinner LAST NIGHT. I made my famous THAI CHICKEN CURRY. Mmmm…

So…onto the featured Episode 7 of: APARTMENT MANAGER TALES!!!!

I’m MOVIN’ ON UP! I know…hard to believe I’ll be leaving this  hellhole glorious treasure trove of blogging material behind…BUT NEVER FEAR! I will have plenty of new material at the new place. I have a feeling the outgoing manager has left me with a HUGE mess to clean up. She has managed the property for 15-16 years and of those years, has somehow been an absentee manager – I’m not sure how to accomplish this and still keep my job, but I assure you, once I figure it out? I’ll be letting you know IMMEDIATELY.

A few developments here my current property that I’d like to share with you:

  • I attained 100% occupancy – granted, it only lasted like 3 days…BUT STILL. That’s a pretty big deal. I don’t believe this property has EVER hit 100% occupancy – this basically means I have filled every unit – we don’t have any vacancies. Yay, ME!
  • One of my residents got up at 2 am to use the bathroom, flushed, went back to bed, woke up to a flooded apartment. My maintenance dude went in there to assess the situation and called a plumber – who found – a PEN lodged down the toilet pipe. Not only was the pen down there…but there were q-tips all cris-crossed over it which made it impossible for anything to get sucked down the toilet. Fabulous. My carpet guy showed up. Gave me a list of things they needed to move and how much it was going to cost – which I am passing onto the tenant because it’s their negligence that caused the issue and I wrote it all up on a letter and handed it to them. The next day we scheduled our carpet guy to come back to handle stuff and they sent him away. I explained to them that they do not own the building/apartment/property and that this was an emergency situation and in order for the carpet to not be a total loss, they have to let him in to do the work. The next day he returned and they didn’t allow him in again…his schedule was full so he said he’d come back either later that day or the next day to get started (so, this is Thursday now…). He couldn’t make it til the next day and when I got into the office, I had a message, “This is asshead, we cannot live like this. You need to get this carpet situation taken care of immediately. We have called Housing and we have our rights!” EX-FUCKING-CUSE ME?!?!?!?! If they had done what I asked them, this would have been resolved by TUESDAY. Fuckers.

That’s all for now…I’m dealing with a handful of fucktards this month. Fun. Fun. Fun.


8 thoughts on “Apartment Manager Tales: Episode 7? I sorta lost track…and also some other stuff to tell you.

  1. God…I feel wholely.

    So, without asking..you dropped off your kids for TWO FUCKING WEEKS? WHAT THE FUCK? pun intended. I don’t wanna fucking know did you notice how much im using the word fuck.

    pasketti? I thought I made pasketti. fucking recipe stealer.

    RN’s steal stem cells? What the fuck? I mean..is that shit street sellable? HUH.
    Is that shit by the ounce, pound…what? this is where we need donof alltrades…I bet he knows.

    Ask him in a letter….stick it to his door.

    I want first copy of your daughters CD. Signed…”to my dahlin Lisa…only for you cause I don’t steal fucking stem cells…”

  2. aliciabenton says:

    You’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award because I think your blog is great!


  3. I’m sorry your older daughter has changed her mind about nursing. I’m sure there are shady folks in any profession BUT nurses are the core of the medical community and there are soooo many good ones out there! There’s still time…she may change her mind. It baffles my mind that they are more knowledgeable and caring about the patients that those self imposed important docs!!!
    I’m glad she got to go in the studio and get a firsthand look at the inside of that. Long, long ago my Mom made a record and had it recorded…I still have it BUT she decided to follow her first love and become a nurse! She was the best damn nurse ever and she helped countless people in her lifetime.

    I’m sorry about the idiot with the carpets! Sometimes it baffles my mind how we can meet so many damn idiots in one lifetime 🙂

    Love ya kiddo and good luck with the new place..I’m sure there will be even more adventures at this one!

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