Is it too early to think about Halloween?

In case you didn’t know? I’m in loooooovvvvvve with Halloween. Like, seriously. I love everything about it.

When we first moved into our home, we wanted to make our neighborhood friendly and festive and we wanted all our neighbors to know us and for it to be like the old days…I’m happy to say that I’ve accomplished this self-imposed task.

You see, when we moved in, our neighborhood was going through a “transition”. Someone had scooped up a few houses on the block and flipped them (about 10 years ago) and we were one of the first of the *gulp* Gen-X to move in. Even though I’m almost 42…I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I’m a generation X-er. It sort of makes my skin crawl…


Being the bubbly lunatic that I am, every time that someone moved into the neighborhood, the hubs and me and my adorable kiddos walked our happy little asses over the the new neighbors with a big basket of candles and welcomed them into the neighborhood. Usually right in the middle of them carrying heavy furniture or during a lunch break. It was time well spent.

Another thing that we did was start having a Block Party. We are in our 8th year this year. It’s really REALLY awesome to live on a street where we all know each other. I feel proud to be the catalyst that made this happen for everyone.

Once all the houses were full of new neighbors, we started the friendly competition of decorating for the holidays…starting with Halloween. The gaybors go all out…usually their Christmas decorations eclipse everyone else. They are amazing – and it started as just the two of us, then the rest of the neighborhood got all gung-ho and now when you blaze down our street for any of the major house-decorating-holidays, it’s quite a show!

During Halloween, not onlyare the houses decorated…but several of us get all dressed up and give out full-sized candy bars and last year we were up to over 200 trick-or-treaters on our block. I make the kids work for their treats, however, by making them dig in jell-o for their full-sized candy bars. Those that think they are too cool or just plain don’t do it? They get fruit roll-ups. Yeah…I’m a bitch. Either play by my rules or you get the shaft.



Halloween House





Sassy the Clown

So I’ve been sitting here at work trying to plan out what my Halloween costume will be. I’ve used up my clown outfit. I think I’ve been Sassy the Clown for 4 years in a row and it’s the first time I ever spent money on a costume, so it’s high time I do it again…only…I’m seriously thinking about being “Super Sassy” for H’ween. I already have a custom made cape…don’t ask how I got it…or why. Just trust that it was a gift and it was well deserved. I just need a unitard and a few other accessories and I’ll be good to go. *God bless the people who have to see me in a unitard*

So that you know I’m not super cuckoo…? Is that even a word? How do you spell cuckoo clock? Yep…it looks right…the WordPress grammar police didn’t put the red squiggly down, so I’m good…but to get back on TRACK, I wanted to post a rather Christmassy picture so that you know I’m not a total weirdo…BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Who am I kidding?!


Christmas in Sassyland.

In case you were wondering? YES. My gay neighbors (gaybors) LOVE LOVE LOVE my tree of lights. You can see it from space, I think.




6 thoughts on “Is it too early to think about Halloween?

  1. Everyone should have a super hero costume complete with hooker boots, cape and deflecting bracelets! LOL
    I love that you are the welcome wagon on your street…that only makes them love you more 🙂

  2. ekgo says:

    I liked this post before I even read it because it’s about Halloween. And to answer your question: No, it is never, NOT-EVER, too early to think about Halloween. Well, you shouldn’t start planning for the next Halloween during Halloween because: Mind on the game, people. Focus!
    We were at a housewarming party this past weekend and one of the other guests asked us, “Hey, have you decided what you’re going to be for Halloween?” and we were all like, “No!” and they were aghast. We explained, “We’re trying to get the fence put together and we need to finish on the chicken wire ghosts. Then we’ll plan our costumes.” It seemed to be a satisfying answer.

    You’ve seen these books, yes?

    And because I’m a blog slut, here’s my post from last Halloween. I strongly invite you to steal any ideas you may find.


    ok that came across bit strong.

    here lets try this again.



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