Blog Challenge SHMLOG SHMALLENGE…and death.

I made it to day 15 and I’ve decided to call it quits. I can’t keep up and I have lost interest. What was the final straw? Probably the “What’s In Your Fridge” day. That’s just stupid. I was planning on just taking a picture of the contents of my refrigerator, but thought better of it. It’s pretty ridiculous. We have so much crap jammed in there, I’m sure I would have been ridiculed over it.

So…I’m waving the white flag of defeat. Just as I expected I would. For those who are disappointed…? Get over it. It was boring anyway. There are only so many lists I can make. Lately, I’ve seen folks doing the wordpress daily prompt. Where in the hell does a chick with a blog go to get in on that action? I mean…sometimes I just need something to get me started…

Like, I was reading something the other day that talked about when there is a death of a “friend” you have made through social media. I’ve come close to that recently. In the previous BLOG community I was part of – we had a group of about 30 or so of us that got extremely close – to the point that some of them have been to my home and even stayed with us when they came to town. This, of course, comes from reading each others blogs for a few years and we had gotten to know one another rather intimately and we were extremely comfortable with each other. Recently, one of my older blog friends had a rather close call and was in the hospital for quite some time…and it got me to thinking…

How would her family know that there are people out here in the BLOGOSPHERE/INTERNETLAND that truly love and respect and care for this person – how would we know if something happened to them? Seriously. This is a concern I have.

Perhaps I love people too quickly. Stupid big-hearted Sassy…but I can’t help it. If you happen to be a friend of mine, you know that I love you. I tell you all the time. And it’s not a “love ya” type of off the cuff thing that I say. I truly mean it.

So…how would your family know to notify those of us that have been following you? Those of us who have been reading about your life for any length of time?

I don’t think my family knows I even have this BLOG! I mean, if I dropped off the face of the earth…would any of you even care? I’m not asking so that I get a barrage of  “WE LOVE YOU, SASSY!!!” I’m just saying…that unless you are a friend of mine on The Facebook – or a friend of my hubster…or one of my kiddos, you’re probably not going to know! It’s like there just won’t be any more sassyness from Sassyland and just like a lit match, I’ll be snuffed out.

Are your “friends” that you have here on WordPress, your actual friends? Do you use the “quotes” when you type the word friend when you refer to those you meet via social media or do you unabashedly, without another thought, type out the word FRIEND, and truly mean it? I don’t know if I’ll ever get to know any of you in-person or not. I suppose if you ever make your way to Washington State, you should drop me a line on my blog and I’ll make you a mean plate of pasketti – because it is GOOD. And don’t think for a minute that I’m bragging…because I’m not. It’s a plain and simple FACT. It’s delicious.

This world is getting bigger and bigger and the various ways we communicate are so instantaneous – who would have thought in 1996 that every home would have the equivalent of a home computer in the palm of our hands that we can use to do just about anything we want? Hell, who would have thought that we could order our groceries ONLINE and have them delivered to our HOUSE? Not me, that’s for damn sure….

This post went a little sideways, didn’t it? Welcome to Sassyland!


3 thoughts on “Blog Challenge SHMLOG SHMALLENGE…and death.

  1. suzie81 says:

    It’s certainly given me something to think about. I wondered where you had gone for a while! Glad to see you back…

  2. PinotNinja says:

    This is a really good point! I’m lucky enough to write with two of my closest friends, so I can depend on them to let my blog family know if something happens in my life that keeps me from writing. But, also, if I ever decide to go on hiatus for a while, I need to remember to actually announce it and not just disappear leaving my blog friends to wonder what has happened to me.

  3. Yes I love ya! Long ago when I met all your wacky women I was going through the toughest days of my life….somehow all of you drug me through it all! I will never forget that! Our place was unique for sure. Somehow across miles we forged a bond that won’t ever be broken. IF something happened to you I would be able to let them know. BUT that will not happen…I love ya too much to have ANYTHING not nice happen to you. My girls already know that if something were to happen to me she is to let you or Hannah know to tell the others.
    Hope you have a fantabulous weekend!

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