My Worst Habits

I’m up to day 9 on my Bliggity Bloggity Challenge Thingy! “What are your worst habits?”

Pull up a chair, peeps…take a load off.

I BITE MY NAILS!!!!!!! GAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! I’ve bitten my nails my entire life. Therefore, I have fake ones and I leave them alone – but the second they come off? I’m back at it. Don’t even waste your time trying to give me ideas on how to stop, either. I’m a nervous nelly and I just do it.

Every once in awhile I will see if I can do it – I’ll take my fake nails off and try to make my real nails look cute with polish or whatever – but they are literally paper thin. And yes, I’ve tried eating jello, taking vitamins…nothing helps and they tear, so I just chew them off eventually.

I also do not pick up my clothes in my bedroom. I’m HORRIBLE at housekeeping. REEEEAAAAALLLLLYYYYY BAD!

But you know what I’m really GOOD AT? Doing a quick clean. I can shove stuff in closets like nobodies business. It’s amazing, really.

Nail biting and cleaning the house. Both bad habits.


11 thoughts on “My Worst Habits

  1. Ray says:

    Ah the quick clean…. I know that one well…. LOL!

  2. debzywebzy says:

    Omygosh twinsies again. I bite my nails too! Well I’m not really biting them anymore. I keep putting nail polish on them to avoid it. As long as I do that they get a chance to grow, otherwise they’re too weak. Even that used to not stop them from break at work when I was on the checkout. Anyways, now the nails on my right hand are better than the left ones because my right hand scrolls tumblr and my left hand is usually up round my face. Hahaha!
    And ditto with the close thing. I would make a terrible housewife. I think I’ll have to get a maid. I have to make sure I get a killer salary so I can pay a maid to clean up after me. That’ll do it.

  3. Annie says:

    Okay, I have to tell you…I have chewed on my nails since I was a kid. Every time my fingers move toward my mouth to bite, my dad would scream at me. I’ve had fake nails, but they got infected from dishwater. In other words, I’ve lived a life of stubs. One day I picked up this stuff thinking I should give one last ditch attempt at having pretty hands. It’s called Barielle Professional Advanced Nail Rebuilding Protein Replenish Pro. (Yes, a mouthful) but damn, does it work! These digits are suddenly long and strong. Seriously, I’ve spent over fifty years biting them down to the quick and now I’ve got nails. So, sassypants…run out and get yourself some…when the fake ones are done that is.

  4. Are we twins? Seriosuly. Are we twins?

  5. Krystal says:

    You should try shellac instead of fake nails. It’s still pretty polish but it is really hard and lasts the same time frame as the fake nails without the damaging effects. I believe gel polish works the same way but my mom prefers the shellac because she also is a biter and now she can’t get through this hard stuff…PLUS it is dry in two seconds so no wait time!

  6. Annie I’m gonna have to try that stuff out myself. Thanks for the tip.

    My closets are full, my drawers are a mess….I have more junk drawers that I’ll get to one day and organize than I have kids! I have an organized chaos going on in our bedroom that I will get to one day and do it right but until then….the dust bunnies will live and multiply and I will continue to name each one 🙂
    I’m busy living life! My mother once told me if everything in your house is extremely neat and organized it must mean you are bored to tears with your life and your loves. So according to her….I’m one happy woman! LOL
    Organized chaos works for me so I’m sticking to it!

    Love ya!

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