One Of My More *proud* Parenting Moments

As you all know we had a house concert this weekend. What you may or may not know is that my daughter “opened” for Emma Hill and Bryan Daste!

She had taken up playing the uke about 1 1/2 years ago and she sings. Because of the way we met Emma Hill, they agreed to allow her to sing 6 songs of her choosing.

Here’s a couple of the video’s we took(sorry for the crappy video quality…we were using my hubby’s “fancy” camera – I should have just used my damn iPhone):

And this is BOTH of my kiddos singing a Avett Brothers tune – her dad really isn’t drunk as much as she claims…but it was still funny!:

After Katie sang, Emma Hill and Bryan Daste played and then we had a Post-Funk Jam session…

THIS is where the “Proud Parenting Moment” comes into play…the words to this next tune…

Emma Hill is singing with Katie – this song is a hidden track on her Clumsy Seduction CD…you may or may not be able to tell that there are a bunch of people singing along…we call this “The Girl Song”

It’s not everyday that you get to hear your daughter sing a song with the word “cunt” and the term “giving head”…..oh dear. IT’S ART! I’m giving her ARTISTIC FREEDOM! (That’s what I tell myself to help me sleep at night…)


8 thoughts on “One Of My More *proud* Parenting Moments

  1. OMG. ….see daddy was drunk. No, I was buzzed. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    What we do to excuse ourselves in front of the children’s. the adults now are a whole nother story …
    Shit. They can teach us more than we can tell them these days.

  2. PinotNinja says:

    This is absolutely tremendous. And, yes Katie, you do have the best family.

    How is it possible that y’all crammed so much joy and love into one room?

  3. Amber Perea says:

    Hey, in the name of art, anything goes!

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