31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 2: 20 Facts About Sassy


Day 2: Ready for some TMI? Here goes:

  1. My feet are HUGE. 
  2. I have OCD tendencies. Can’t touch raw chicken. And I eat all of my broken chips before I eat the ones that aren’t broken – and if there are some curled over chips that aren’t broken? They get eaten before the flat whole chips. But this only happens when I pour chips out onto a plate or something – I don’t normally rifle through a big ol’ bag of Lay’s Potato Chips looking for the broken bits. But. I. Will. If. I. Have. To.
  3. I’m an excellent driver.
  4. I look AWESOME in red lipstick…but I’m not someone who likes to be all that flashy.
  5. For as much bitching as I do about my job and these people that I have to manage? I honestly love it. It’s not very often that you find a job that you can act like a total bitch and get away with it and actually be praised for it.
  6. I come from a VERY musical family – we all sing and many of us play instruments with varying degrees of success. I prefer to sing, but I will play the guitar really HORRIBLY in the privacy of my own living room.
  7. I was married at the ripe old age of 19. IT WASN’T EVEN A SHOTGUN WEDDING, Y’ALL!! I was pure as the driven snow on my wedding day.
  8. I miss my daddy. He passed away 2 years ago and sometimes I just want him to hug me just like he used to…a little too tight, with completeness.
  9. TOMORROW is the Emma Hill House Show and I’m all worked up about it and excited.
  10. I honestly should have been a nurse.
  11. I’m quick to love. Even a stupid reality TV star can get me to love them.
  12. I have brown eyes. And yes, that means I’m full of shit.
  13. I do not enjoy olives.
  14. I drink Pepsi, like health nuts drink water…I know, I know….shut up.
  15. I’m an EXCELLENT cook and have a food blog and website and stuff.
  16. I’m utterly and completely obsessed with Maui, HI. Not. Even Kidding.
  18. I’m addicted to my cell phone and know I should put it away, but WHAT IF I MISS A POST ABOUT WHAT ONE OF MY ACQUAINTANCES HAS FOR DINNER?!?!?!?!
  19. I can’t believe I’m almost down to #20.
  20. I can’t believe you read this whole thing. You seriously need a life. Now, leave me a comment or something. At the very least, click “like”. 🙂

Welp – there you have it! I hope you are happy with my list. If there is something I’ve blatantly left out that you’d like to add, let’s make this a team effort, shall we?


17 thoughts on “31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 2: 20 Facts About Sassy

  1. Yep, us brown-eyed folk really are full of shit.

    Let everyone else be jealous of our shittyness.

  2. This is so amping up my visions in my head…

  3. Ray says:

    Love it! #3 cracked me up….

  4. I did waste a whole minute reading the entire list. I was curious to read something like “I give the best blow jobs or I once punted a cat into a river” or something fun. Where is this food blog you speak of? I like food!

    • sassypanties says:

      I don’t know if I give the best BJ’s. You’ll have to ask my husband. OH COME ON! You know we all do it…give me a break with the emotional gasping…

      it’s called Delish Dish in the Kitch. The blog is delishdishinthekitch.blogspot.com – however…I’ve neglected it for quite awhile.

  5. jmob33 says:

    I have always thought brown eyes are the prettiest. Mine are brown and my son’s too.

    I count by sleeps instead of wakes but since I work the midnight shift, but numbers are always a little skewed.

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