Wordless Wednesday and Throwback Thursday: I don’t get it.

I tried a “Wordless Wednesday” once. I wasn’t too excited to jump on the bandwagon of this craze…but…I gave it a shot. I dunno…I guess I just consider a BLOG somewhere to actually WRITE, I guess.

And now there’s TBT or “Throwback Thursday”. I guess you’re supposed to post a picture of yourself from years past? Okay – fine, I’ll give you one:



Circa 1989. Notice the rad sunglasses in my front pocket.

I think my then FIANCE was into Depeche Mode or something at the time – hence the permy bang action, he’s got going. Damn. We sure look happy there. Here we are now:


A little older…a little wiser…but still frickin happy as can be!

Even though I’m sharing these glimpses into my uber rad life…I still don’t like the idea of a blog donating an entire day each week to anything “Wordless”. CALL ME OLD FASHIONED. 

Perhaps it’s the snarky satirist in me. Perhaps I just enjoy writing so much that I think it’s a waste of megabites or something…I dunno. Do any of you feel this way, too?


9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday and Throwback Thursday: I don’t get it.

  1. Krystal says:

    Well, since I am one of these “Wordless Wednesday” people, well I am occasionally, I disagree sort of. I mean, I totally agree that blogs are for writing but then I think of photographers who want to get their work out there. Those blogs have very minimal word counts but still have an impact. Maybe this idea was inspired by that, in a way to expand our creativity?

    • sassypanties says:

      You have a point there, Krystal. I never thought of the photographers. Perhaps I’ll lift my overly pissy attitude about it a little – thanks to you…….

      • Krystal says:

        Haha! Happy to give you a teeny bit of perspective on that side. I think your pissy attitude is just fine though, to each their own. 🙂

  2. I like purty pick chers.

  3. I like this, though I am a wordless Wednesday-er, I find it rather challenging to attempt to take pictures that tell a story without actually having to write anything, though I think some just post random nonsensical photos, (in which case I do find it somewhat pointless). I used to post written blogs twice a week on set days until I found it to be slightly overwhelming, me being a procrastinator and all, so I dropped my Tuesday posts and picked up the wordless Wednesday one! allowing me to still keep up with a twice a week routine! It works great for me, but I do really think hard and attempt to “tell stories” with out actually telling the story. I find it fun, as an add on that is, nothing beats actually writing a post 😉

    • sassypanties says:

      Thank you, TDM for your thoughtful comment! Perhaps I’m just a fan of reading stories more than looking at pictures. Probably because my father in law looooooves to show about 15 slide presentations with all the pictures of flowers that he has taken since 1934. It can get a bit much. 🙂

  4. jmob33 says:

    I had not heard of the “wordless Wednesday” craze, but I get it. I can’t do TBT.

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