My Tulip Mis-Adventure

It all started with my local radio station.

“Hey y’all! You should go see the Tulip Festival this weekend at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival!” OKAY!!!!!!!

I get home, tell the hubby that it’s been awhile since we’ve ventured to the Tulip Festival and asked if he was game. We’re always willing to go on a day trip around our beautiful state of Washington. It’s gorgeous here. Green, lush…damp. But, hubby had deadlines at work that weekend and plus? It was supposed to sprinkle/rain on Sunday – his suggestion was to wait until the following weekend because we were supposed to experience a significant heat-wave in Washington.

I was a little bummed – we’ve never let the rain stop us before – and also – I was strategically thinking that if it were a little overcast that day, that it’d be okay because taking pictures of acres and acres of the colorful tulips would look cool against a grey sky and also my kids have sensitive eyes and it never fails that we get squinty pics of them whenever we want to capture that Kodak Moment. I understood, however. And agreed reluctantly to go the next weekend.

Sunday rolls around and WHAMMO – it was supposed to be like, 86 degrees that day. SQUINTY PICTURES HERE WE COME. We take off heading NORTH on the infamous I-5 towards Canada. It’s going to take us approximately 2 1/2 hours to get there. We don’t care about drives like this. We are music nuts and love to just gather playlists together and crank the tunes and sing our faces off.

So we are driving through Seattle, snapping iPhone pics the entire way…driving still NORTHWARD to the SKAGIT VALLEY which is nestled below the Cascade Mountain Range. The day was gorgeous. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. As we were getting close to the exit that would take us through the farmland to see the beauty of the Tulip Fields…I thought to myself…

Gee, it sure seems like we should have seen something by now.

Something like this:


Skagit Valley Tulip Fields

Only…that’s not what we saw. THIS…is what we saw:


Stop. Laughing. It’s not funny. BASTARDS!

Field after field was freshly plowed. Narry a tulip to be found. Apparently? They harvest the tulips shortly after the festival is over – which I found out is April 30th. SUNOVABITCH! So, my instinct to go LAST weekend, was a good one, apparently.

Shit. We practically drove to fucking CANADA to see those damned tulips. DAMMIT!!! Good thing about living in Washington? We have NO SHORTAGE of cool stuff to see – no matter where you end up.

There is a little town called “Anacortes” (an-uh-cort-ez) which is on the Puget Sound just about 15 minutes away from the little town where the Tulip Festival commences. I came to find out that they are the “Salmon Canning Capital of the WORLD” as evidenced here:


I didn’t even know this was a “thing”.

I also took pictures of a few other things while we were in Anacortes:


This is my little one – well she’s 12. And she’s a bookworm. She’s standing next to a bronze miniature elephant. There was a giant clock around the corner. And painted tulips on the windows of the little shops that lined the street – clearly evidence of false advertising. Not cute, Anacortes…NOT. CUTE. AT. ALL.

We hung out and went to a few antique shops in Anacortes and also a book store, where I picked up a book about the SECRETS OF MAUI! I never buy stuff from bookstores any more and when the kids went in there, I almost stayed outside, but I went ahead and followed them in. LUCKY ME! Oh – we also spent $18 on three teensy weensy cups of gelato. It was delicious. Hubby and I shared a Lemon Gelato and each of the kids got what they wanted.

After Anacortes’ charm wore off we went to a little town called LaConner. It’s another cute little town with little local touristy shops and restaurants along the water of the Puget Sound. We spent the rest of the day here and took several photos:


LaConner Channel Lodge – we’re totally going to stay here someday.


A “Rusty Orb”. I have no idea what this signifies.


Because Wi-Fi was NOT free, I assume.


On our way out of town I spotted THIS. Raddest name for an antique store EVER!

So, while the day didn’t go as I had imagined, it turned out to be a really good day after all. And in case you are ever here for the Tulip Festival, I submit to you that it occurs during the month of APRIL – April 1-30 to be more exact. And if you go the week AFTER it’s over? You’ll be shit outta luck – but, hey! At least I just gave you some pointers on what to do with yourselves if you’re ever too late.


4 thoughts on “My Tulip Mis-Adventure

  1. Felicia says:

    So, when I started stalking your blog I lived elsewhere (Hawaii to be exact) but have relocated to the Pacific NW (OR, the place down below). Now, I’m not entirely sure, but I think, pretty sure in fact, that the cool Pacific air has made you funnier, at least to me. You were riotous before, of course, but now I find your musings and rhetoric sidesplittingly outrageous ( FYI, auto correct for sidesplittingly is ‘sideshow trickery’…I’d like to meet the autocorrect dictionary author, she has to be a party girl). Having had a few I-5 adventures with the fam, I feel like I am in the know now. No, now…usually I am screaming that set of words…capitalized. Anyway, I digress, TY for getting funnier…keeps my wit up to par..full time grad school has taken away my free time & now all I write about is prophetic legalese

    • sassypanties says:

      Felicia! Dude! You just made my entire week! I’m so glad you are stalking me! I’m feeling a little full of myself at the moment and might not fit my big fat head out the door tonight!

  2. PinotNinja says:

    Hahaha! At least now you have a lot of credibility when you say “Can we please just trust my instincts on this one? We don’t want another Tulip debacle, do we?”

    Thanks for the info on Anacortes — I’m visiting Seattle next month and we’re headed to Orcas Island for a few days, which means a stop in Anacortes to catch the ferry. I’m going to make sure we get there a little early so I can hang with the miniature elephant and investigate this whole salmon in a can business.

  3. sassypanties says:

    Pinot – awesome!!! LaConner is only about 15 minutes from Anacortes, also and it’s a little more quaint and cute – you know, if you’re into quaint and cute. I think it’s better than Anacortes – BUT THAT IS JUST ME. Have fun on Orcas. As a kid, our family had power boats and we took our 46′ Tolleycraft to Orcas and moored at the marina there. We dunked crab traps and ate like kings one night! It was AWESOME!

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