Raise your hand if you’re from…

Blog word.

I’ve noticed an influx of visits to Sassyland and I’m interested to know where you’re all coming from. I’m not looking for your specific address so calm down, weirdo. I’m just looking for a general COUNTRY. Yeesh.

I’m assuming there are spammers out there which are being caught by the magnificent WordPress staff, but some of the visits I’ve had recently are from:

  • The Good Ol’ US of A
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • Lithuania
  • Malaysia
  • France
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • and……QATAR!


No matter where you’re from, I’m glad you stopped by. And sincerely…I love you.


12 thoughts on “Raise your hand if you’re from…

  1. ekgo says:

    It’s me. I am from Qatar. Because I am very exotic.
    Only, all of that is a lie.
    And I just followed H. Stern’s trail here because I’m stalking her and now, by proxy, am stalking you.
    Lucky, lucky you.

  2. jmob33 says:

    The good ol’ USA. Virginia to be a bit more specific.

    • sassypanties says:

      Thanks for visiting all the way from Virginny! I think I have family there. Anyone with the last name of “Samples”. They probably play music, bluegrass to be more specific. I’m in “The Evergreen State” more commonly known as Washington. Howdy-do!!

      • jmob33 says:

        My area is pretty metropolitan so if they’re where I am, we just likely haven’t met. My house hears a lot of bluegrass though, so I will be on the lookout.

  3. I am an ugly American and proudly so.

  4. Pittsburgh represent. I was gonna say Qatar, but I see someone already claimed it. Dammit. I’m always late to the party. Well Sassy Panties, I don’t remember exactly, but I think I met you through Don or Mancakes, and boy am I glad that I did. Congrats on the views and such. You rock.

  5. Ray says:

    Charlotte, NC here. Found your blog though Jennifer’s Writingsofamrs blog.

  6. Well you already know where I’m from …hell you love me so you know all about me.
    See folks are lining up to check you and H. Stern out. 2 of my best loved girls.
    Folks need to realize they’ve hit a goldmine with you 2. You’ve kept me entertained and loved for years and I love ya both! Not only are you both amazingly funny but you have 2 of the biggest hearts I’ve ever know.
    Love ya!

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