Apartment Manager Tales…cont’d.

*sigh* I knew I should have gone home 1/2 hour ago. People are RUDE – and I don’t start off many conversations the way this one started but the tone in the rude persons voice on the other end of the phone was more than I wanted to deal with at this particular time of day and I had someone in my office for a meeting.

*phone rings, I answer*

Them: Yeah…what happens when the mailman delivers a package there?

Me: Well, I’d guess they would either place the package in the mailbox or knock on the door to deliver it.

Them: Listen – I mailed a package to my friend over 2 months ago and just found out they never got it. How does the mail work there, anyway?

Me: It’s as reliable as any other place in the country – it’s hit or miss. Each apartment has a mailbox.

Them: What kind of mailboxes do you have there?

Me: They lock – each apartment has their own. The rental office does not accept packages for residents.

Them: What happens if it’s too big for the mailbox?

Me: I’m not the Post Office…but I would guess that the postal carrier would go to the door of the address and attempt delivery – after that, I have no idea – you’d need to contact the post office.

Them: So, you’re telling me that you don’t know where they deliver packages there?

Me: I already told you – mailbox or the door. If you want more information you need to contact the United States Postal Service for more information. I’m an apartment manager, not a mail carrier.

Them: Give me the number to the post office!

Me: I’m sorry…you’ll need to contact information for that.

Them: I’m not at a place I can do that.

Me: Then how did you call me? I’m very busy with people in my office, I don’t have time to drop everything and do this right now, I’m sorry. 

Them: You are no help whatsoever!!!!

Me: I’m also not the post office.



6 thoughts on “Apartment Manager Tales…cont’d.

  1. Katelyn says:

    Oh snap. Glad I started following you, I work at a newspaper where apparently we know information about everything and everyone. I appreciate this more than you even know!

    • sassypanties says:

      Thanks for the follow, girlie…..I hope you know what you’ve gotten yourself into! I can be pretty cray-cray. Buckle up…it’ll be fun.

      • Katelyn says:

        God I hope so, I’ve read some pretty crappy posts on wordpress lately… I’ll go grab my two bottles of wine and get myself prepared.

    • Sassy you suck at helping people. You should be a cop in your town. Katelyn, my paper isn’t delivered sometimes and it makes me angry. Very angry. Can you please fix it? Thanks.

      • Katelyn says:

        Ha! Should I give you the directions I give all the others on where they can find their paper? That is exactly what I hear every time I answer the damn phone. And I’m not even in the circulation dept. I’m in advertising!

  2. You should have told him to call information and hung up! Some idiots are plain rude!

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