When you offend others with your BLOG profanity.

So I sort of put a challenge to anyone who stumbles upon my blog to “Impress Me” if they want me (and my readers) to follow their blog.

The rules were simple. Share with me your blog address or link. Explain to me why I should read your blog – and feel free to use as much profanity as you choose to really sweeten the deal. And also – if you see a BLOG you want to share – give them a shout out in my comment stream. Pretty simple.  I got a fairly good exchange going with the exception of one dude – we’ll call him “George” – because that’s how he signed his comment to me.

George wasn’t too thrilled with my profanity levels, yet in the opening paragraph I dropped a “shit” and a “motherfucker”. Why he didn’t see that and commented and thought it was a great idea anyway – is beyond me. I can’t remember if he followed me – but let’s assume he did. Later, he commented that had he known that my BLOG was peppered generously with profanity, he would never have commented because he had gotten exposed to enough of that in the Marine Corp. and that I could disregard him. Done and DONE.

So here’s what I wondered. Why would you follow someone based on one blog post – unless, of course, that you felt as though you had stumbled upon a kindred spirit – ala Anne of Green Gables? Wouldn’t the intelligent thing be to read up on someone before blindly following them? I mean – I can appreciate the comment that was left. At times, I cringe when I read my own blog. But – seriously. With a blog title like, “Sassypanties” and an avatar of a little blonde haired girl picking her nose – wouldn’t that sorta be a red-flag to someone who may be a little sensitive? Not to mention the “comment like a motherfucker” that I dropped in the opening paragraph?

While it may seem as though I am slightly offended – I welcome this type of feedback. It’s not really a matter of being offended. It’s a matter of the “blind follow”. Is that how you chose your friends, too? Sorry, but I’m a little more selective about whose blogs I follow. Does that make me a blog snob? Meh, so what if it does? I don’t have hours upon hours to sit and read blogs, so when I do, they either need to speak to me or I need to move on – and believe me – as I get older, the window of opportunity tends to grow shallower and shallower.

Anyway – I guess the gist of this post is: Don’t read shit you don’t like, and for christsakes –  don’t FOLLOW IT!

Have  a great day.


4 thoughts on “When you offend others with your BLOG profanity.

  1. No one forces anyone to follow or read. If GEORGE didn’t like what he was reading he could have easily opted out!
    Sometimes people just need something to bitch about.

    • sassypanties says:

      Hey…it’s okay if there are people don’t like me. I guess I should have made that clear. I don’t waste my time on people that don’t have a sense of humor.

  2. Mancakes says:

    Oh DO go to my post titled Post Mortem and the God Warriors…soooo feeling you on this! Cuss your brains out if you wanna, girl…it’s YOUR blog.

  3. Rhonda says:

    The timing of me running across this is perfect! A couple days ago my mother in law got upset by what I posted on my blog-I don’t think she liked me saying I had “penis envy” or maybe she wasn’t impressed that I tell my kids to keep their penises off of my couch. Anyway, I was actually rather pleased with that post. http://www.wine-y-wife.com/nothing-should-surprise-me/

    The funny thing was the very next post was called Letter to the Asshole and I used more profanity in it than usual, including calling someone an asshat, and she didn’t bat an eye at it, and in fact commented about a “numnuts”.

    Who knows what people are thinking, but if they don’t want to read it, they can unsubscribe. That’s much preferable than them telling us off for posting something they didn’t like 🙂

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