You want me to follow your blog? Impress me.

I want to read your blogs. Really, I do. And I will follow you and “like” your shit and comment like a motherfucker…but I want you to leave me a comment expressing why you feel I should not only read your shit, but follow it.

Clearly this will require some audience participation, so I’ll leave you to not only share with ME why I should follow you, but also why anyone else should follow you as well.

A few rules:

1. Your comment can be as long as you feel it should be to talk us into following you.

2. Feel free to use as much profanity as is necessary to get your point across – or not, you know…whatevs. I just want you to know that you can be as blatantly profane as you want to be – let’s face it, sometimes you just need to plug in the word FUCK because no other word fits.

3. If you like this idea, share it on your blog and if you get any responses, come back to let me know about some peeps you started following because of this little project.

I’m pretty sure that’ll do it.

Impress me.


26 thoughts on “You want me to follow your blog? Impress me.

  1. londenberg1 says:

    now that’s pretty cool, im not a blog type of guy or a blogger but I do love reading blogs, I guess u can say that im a blogant- I guess, anyhow if want to add me as a friend on facebook its Londenberg Londenberg, sincerely from the arthur of the fantasy novel “LondenBerg by Lord Biron.”

    • sassypanties says:

      Okay…so let me get this straight. You aren’t a “blog kind of guy” but you like reading blogs? I think that very statement literally means, you *are*, in fact, a blog king of guy. Dude. Own that shit!

      As for the Facebook friending? You’ll forgive me if I’m a little selective with who I friend – or don’t friend – as the case may be. Start a blog and get crackin’.

  2. You should read (and maybe follow) Dysfunctional Literacy because I’ve just started a serial called “The Literary Girlfriend,” and it’s going to be awesome. I hope you agree because I’m curious to see what “comment like a mothefucker” looks like in practice.

  3. You should follow my blog because you feel compelled to, because you want to see where it takes me and you want to be a part of it.
    And I want you to “comment like a mother fucker” just so I can keep looking at that darned cute photo of yours and because I like to keep in communication with my readers.
    Cheers whether you follow or not.
    Great and fun post idea.

  4. TheGirl says:

    Ummmm….maybe you should read TheReporterandTheGirl because you can’t dish out the sass without taking in my smut first.

  5. aslak122 says:

    I should have read some of your stuff before signing up for contact. During my years in the Marine Corps I tolerated language such as your though I didn’t use it myself. Now I leave it to you—nor are you obliged to follow me. Just ignore my ill-advised offer!


  6. Well I’m here, I love ya and you love me right back. You make me laugh and never fail to touch my heart. You forbid me to use the colorful words so I can’t impress you with them here.
    Anyone who follows you will be continuously finding that you are someone they can’t do without! If they choose to scurry away from your page they have no idea what they will missing out on!
    Love ya kiddo!

  7. I’m semi-drunk right now so I could care less if you pick me to be part of your regular fucking popular crowd.

    Please pick me!!!!

    I hang out with Jesus Christ for reals! Jesus and I once drank beer and went to a casino together! Follow me and I’ll show you the light! Or the way! whatever.

  8. Lol, thank you? Seriously though, you should read my Jesus post. It’s the only post I’ve written that anybody has liked. Bunchafuckers.

    • sassypanties says:

      If I wasn’t sitting here with 1% battery, I’d be reading your shit right now. But alas, it’s bedtime and I have all day at work tomorrow to screw off so…if I can sleep with the knowledge that a Jesus post exists…you’ll see proof of my promise by your stats busting through the top of your monitor! Thanks for the comments and follow. The commenting like a motherfucker shall commence tomorrow…OH YES IT SHALL!

  9. You should follow me because I’m bitter…about everything. Each week I find a way to be bitter about everything from Disneyland, to doors to socks to wiper blades. Then there is the fact that I’m a highly trained…never mind you are already following. But other people can follow me too or I will be bitter if they don’t. And then I might blog about them.

    • sassypanties says:

      You are a crack up!!! Between your bitterness and my sassiness? WordPress will never be the same!

      I’m glad you stopped by.

      • So do I get a retroactive follow then? Can I steal some of your followers?

      • sassypanties says:

        You may steal whatever you want. I’m not sure how a retroactive follow would work…but if I can find a way to do it, I will!

      • What you do is unfollow me, then feel bad about it, and then follow me again. Or the much simpler path is to just think back to when you followed me and think about my comment and go, “Wow, I should really follow that blog. It has just the right amount of bitterness.”

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