And so we’re going to PORTLAND, OR tomorrow!!!

You may have seen my post recently about Emma Hill. WHAT????!!!! You didn’t?????? RUDE!!!!! You need to be paying more attention to me, CLEARLY! FINE! For those of you that DID NOT READ MY SHIT – here’s the link. Click HERE.

Now that you’re caught up, you know that:

  1. I have a very talented daughter.
  2. My friends Emma and Bryan are completely RADSAUCE and if you think that you are interested in hosting them, you totally should and I can help you do that. Just leave me a comment.

And so, Emma posted on The Facebook about a concert that she’s doing in Portland, OR this FRIDAY APRIL 12. I said, sorta off the wall to the Mr. the other day:

Hey! Wouldn’t it be crazy if we surprised Emma and Bryan by showing up at their concert in Portland?

To which the hubs responded:

Why don’t we?

And then I did a spit-take and was all:


And then he said:


And so WE ARE!! Only the second he was all “WHY DON’T WE” I was already telling Bryan we’d see him on Friday – he probably had a spit-take as well, based on his comment back to me. Apparently, they like to focus on a 50 mile radius for The Facebook invites, and since we live near Seattle, WA – we were probably not on their radar for folks who would typically attend. But Emma sent me an invite a few weeks back and I think I commented back something about how we wished we lived closer and ended it with “stupid geography”.

I undoubtedly will come back with more video’s to share and to tease you with. They are coming to do a show for us on June 1st and if you’ve never been to or hosted a house show before – YOU ARE MISSING-the fuck-OUT! There is something so intimate and personal when you book a house show with an artist. And these two? They are incredible. True artists just DRIPPING with talent. And their set lists are amazing – they have I believe, 4 albums released…shit. Do people call them “albums” anymore? Yo, they dropped their CD, dawg. There. That’s better.

And with that – I’ll leave one of the best vocals from the last house show they did for us. Excuse the flashes – my fucking neighbor decided to take pictures during the entire fucking performance. GAWD. Just listen to the harmonies. GOOSEBUMPS, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!




One thought on “And so we’re going to PORTLAND, OR tomorrow!!!

  1. Those spontaneous trips with the ones you love are the best! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy!

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