What a fucked up day…

Happy. Fucking. Thursday.

I barely got my ass off the couch today…decided NOT to shower this morning. Threw my hair in a ponytail, made up my face and headed to work. Reluctantly.

I’ve been fighting an ear infection – or what I *thought* was an ear infection – for about three weeks. Yeah. I’m a hardcore badass.

On my way to work, I got a call from a vendor that had been waiting at the property I USED to manage. He had been waiting for over an hour. Apparently, the current manager scheduled someone to come out and she didn’t show up to meet him. how fabulous.

So I got the call, my boss told me when i moved to another property to just keep the keys because I live closer to the property than he does and I am a reliable person to call in an emergency situation. I’m a fucking saint, what can I say? Yeah. So our corporate office gave the vendor my cell #. I answered the phone and told him I’d head over and be there in 15 minutes. As I was ending the call, I got pulled over.

Fuck. Me. In. The. Ass.

$124. Talking on my cell phone.

Officer: Ma’am? Is there any reason you’re not using a hands free device?

Me: Nope.

Officer: Hang tight. I’ll be right back.

Hhhhhhhhhh. Really? Because of this slacker bitch – who by the way is a mother fucking skank-assed-ho, that picks at her toes while her tenants walk into the office – showing up late to work when she had a scheduled appointment, I got a fucking ticket.

No, that’s not true. I got a ticket for talking on my cell phone like an idiot while driving my car. I could have easily put the phone on speaker and never have had a problem. But…I answered it.

I decided to pop over to my old property and let the poor guy in – and then somehow get ahold of the new idiot manager and ream her ass.

Welp, she showed up 5 minutes before I got there. And the vendor was there and said she was already there and said she was going to call me.

She. Never. Did.

I walked into the office and she had someone sitting there paying their rent, then said to me, “Do you have any vacancies?”

Like, WHAT?!?! You don’t say sorry or make any fucking excuses or anything?!?!?!

I couldn’t even speak. I chose to keep my trap shut. I turned around and walked out – she followed me because she wanted a cigarette. If I had said something…it would not have been pretty. And I would have made not just one enemy…but several because of the type of person she is and who she is friends with. Which are a couple other apartment managers who are as gross as she is.

I drove to my property. Then my ear stated KILLING ME! I had been fighting off and on ear aches in both ears over the last 3 weeks, as I mentioned earlier. By 3 pm, I had had enough. My face was on fire and my ears were seriously bothering me.

I called my ear, nose and throat doc. He apparently has retired. They said they could get me into the office as a new patient on April 26th. At which point I pretty much lost it.

Her: we have an opening on April 26th.

Me: Maybe you misunderstood me. I have an EAR INFECTION! I cannot wait until April 26th.

Her: I’m sorry. That’s the soonest appointment we have for a new patient.

Me: What happened to my doctors files? Why am I a new patient? Didn’t one of the remaining docs take over his patients?

Her: You’re considered a new patient to the doctors remaining here. Do you want this appointment?

Me: YOU ARE AN EAR, NOSE & THROAT SPECIALIST!!!! Do you honestly think I should wait 3 weeks to see a doctor about this?!?!?!

Her: um…er… *clickety clickety* that’s the soonest I can get you in.

Me: You just lost a “new” patient. *click*

I had to go to fucking URGENT CARE. Gawd. I hate Urgent Care with a fiery passion.

It took them 2 1/2 hours to clean my ears. How the fucking hell do my ears contain that much disgusting shit?!?! It’s a miracle I could hear anything. The weird part is…? My ears actually feel much better. It wasn’t an ear infection! I just had enough earwax in there to make a huge 3-wick candle, apparently.


Go ahead. Say it. It’s okay. It’s DISGUSTING!!!!!

So that was my shitty fucking day. Best part is, tomorrow is Friday.


14 thoughts on “What a fucked up day…

  1. That is disgusting but it makes me wonder just how much shit is in my own ears! I’ve never had my ears cleaned out like that and I’m much older than you!
    Why on earth do they have a property manager who is gross? Don’t they know that looks bad for their company?
    I’m so sorry your ears hurt but I am glad you got that taken care of and feel better.
    Hang in there sweet lady! Today is bound to be a better day!

  2. H. Stern says:

    Actually, the best news is that it WASN’T an ear infection!!! The ticket sucks though, no lie. But at least you don’t need medication or anything. Was all that crap in your ears from q-tips? How did that happen??

  3. Sometimes there is no substitute 🙂
    I am getting ready to ease the shit filled day with a large bottle of red wine.
    Just realized the name came up Mary Alice…hmmmm does this mean I am now 2 very different people?

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