June 1st in Tacoma, WA – this lovely creature and her very talented sidekick will be joining us for a house concert:

Here’s the story:

My hubby listens to a podcast when he runs. He came home one night after a nice 8 mile trek and decided to look up an artist that was featured on the podcast that he listened to. Her name is Emma Hill. It wasn’t long before Emma’s song, “Meet Me At The Moon” was in our regular playlist circulation. Her smoky, sultry, bluesy, countrified voice filled our hearts almost instantly.

About a year ago, our oldest daughter decided that she wanted to learn how to play the Uke. She actually learned Emma’s song by ear and it was the first full-length song she performed for her daddy and I. She played it for me for the first time ever and I recorded it and posted it to YouTube:

The time came for our oldest’s 16th birthday and a couple months before her actual birthday, I got a wild hair to go in search of Emma’s publicist. I found him. I emailed him, letting him know that we are huge fans of Emma’s music and let him know that my daughter had learned Meet Me At The Moon on her Uke and that I had published it on YouTube and sent him the link asking if he’d forward it to Emma and if she felt like it, to leave a comment so that I could present it to her in a frame for her 16th birthday. Emma watched the video – her entire family watched the video. She commented – encouraged our daughter to continue with her music aspirations and told her that she was over the “Moon” about her being such a big fan.

About a week later, Emma send me a friend request on FB. OF COURSE I ACCEPTED! We began chatting on Facebook and eventually, we ended up booking Emma and Bryan Daste for a house concert. We invited about 35 people and asked them to donate $10 at the door and to bring some extra pocket money to buy a T-shirt or CD from them. The show was a HUGE success!!! Here’s one of our more favorite moments of the evening:

Emma’s music is available on Spotify for free download. She’s amazing and would love to do a house concert near you!!!


2 thoughts on “EMMA IS COMING! HOLY CRAP!

  1. Krystal says:

    This is badass!!! Good for your daughter and good for you taking those extra steps to get all of this done! I’ve never heard of her but I like what I’ve seen here so far. Thanks for the introduction.

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