And then…? My head exploded…

I’ve got to get this out of my system. I hope it’s eloquent enough for anyone who may read this – because I’m just gonna let my fingers fly to get it out there…here goes:

The struggle for Equality is something that I hold dear to my heart. And you should know this about me. Whether you are my friend, my family or a kindhearted person that I’ve had the privilege to come to know, I love you. Yep. You read that right. I love you. I don’t care of you’re gay, black, hispanic, transgendered, a canine, a cow…I. DON’T. CARE. You are loved. By me.

Perhaps that’s why I’m so bothered by friends and family members that I love stating their opposition to fight for Equality. I feel that I’m a fairly good judge of character. And while I try to befriend those with similar belief systems as I do, that doesn’t mean you’re out of the running for me to want to be in your life or that I love you any less. The fact is, I’m a Libra. I’m fair and balanced and accepting of many – if not all – people. I appreciate your beliefs and would NEVER want to try to change your thought process. HAVING SAID THAT – I realize that the first sentence and the one before this one pretty much contradict each other. The only thing is – I’m not going to BASH you – it may bother me…but I’m not going to belittle you for your beliefs. It’s ridiculous to think that I could have any effect to change someone’s thought process. I can’t tell you what to think? I can share my thoughts and BOOM. There you have it. Same as you. It’s cool. I’ll read that shit, roll my eyes, mumble something under my breath then move on with my life. “Accept the things which you cannot change.” After all – that’ s why I created this very BLOG. So I can bitch.

One of my friends posted on The Facebook last night that he was sick and tired of seeing people care more about the struggle and fight for equality than the debt of our government and that he wants us to stop bashing him over the head with our status messages. Welp – I think the only way to resolve this issue is to give up Facebook. I can’t tell you the numerous times I’ve read a hate-filled status message about our President or about our First Lady. Granted – NO president is going to be able to satisfy the whole of Americans needs, wants and desires. It’s not humanly possible. And YES, there are shortcomings. And YES, there are bad decisions made every day. And YES, there is a part of all of us that at one time or a THOUSAND times we say, “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?!”. But I can also – in the same breath – tell you: I don’t want that job. And no one else wants me to have that job either.

But back to my rant…

Why would any person,  feel that it’s okay to ask someone else to change their belief systems? Especially someone who should love you as a friend or family member? I don’t rant and rave when I have differing opinions about politics with my friends and family members – and BELIEVE ME – we have some very different views. See? I told you I was a Libra!

Here’s the facebook status he wrote:

If only our “interested” citizens were as interested in our horrid budget deficit and how bloated and corrupt our government is, as much as they are interested in blathering on for/against gay marriage maybe we as a nation could make some changes for the positive for our future.

You know, I see people posting about the pursuit of happiness like marriage is some sort of key to that. It’s funny though, saddling our children, grand children, great grand children and great great grand children with debt they can never climb out from under isn’t seen as preventing citizens from pursuing happiness. Yet the reality is, marriage doesn’t make people happy, and insurmountable debt REALLY doesn’t make people happy.

People…please could you just put all of this for/against energy into something that effects EVERYONE and not just a sliver of the population? Maybe? Just maybe? Nah…it’s just so much easier being righteously indignant and judgmental than it is to be educated and aware of the true evils we face during our times.

And my response was:

I’m irritated and saddened by the fact that there are those who assume that the struggle and fight for equal rights means that those who support it are not concerned about other areas of the government. How obtuse.

I’m not so shallow that I can’t focus on several things at once, and neither is the rest of America. Today. Now. It’s about equality. The other 364 days if the year we have to read and listen to all the bitching about how many will and *do* disrespect the highest office of the land and if you can’t respect other people’s opinions – which by the way are “their” opinions…then why should I give a rats ass about the things you care about?

Because I’m compassionate, that’s why.

And another thing? My God is the ultimate “judge”. No human being on this earth will have any say-so about whether I enter Heaven’s gates. Only God will deem me worthy or not. Let’s not forget this little detail when we pass judgement on the way people live their lives. The ultimate goal should be HAPPINESS. We all deserve it.

That’s all I have to say about that…

And his response in a private message forum to me was, “I have never seen you post anything about politics before on Facebook.” Um….SO – THE FUCK – WHAT!? Does that mean I’m banned from ever taking a stand on ANYTHING, EVER? Fuck you, man. I choose not to comment on politics, because what would it solve? NOTHING. And this proves my point. There cannot be any kind of debate without feelings getting hurt or someone thinking they are better than the other one – and I am MUCH TOO EMOTIONAL of a person to have a conversation about our current debt crisis – let alone, not educated enough about it. I choose my battles. Equality is one that I care about and can stand behind. Nothing that I talk about on the subject of our country’s debt is going to solve anything – I’m a mid-forties white female with no political backbone to stand on, $23.00 in my savings account and no 401k to speak of – why would I waste my time having a debate about it? Yes, it’s serious. Yes, our children’s children’s children’s children will probably be MUCH worse off than we are if we don’t pull our heads out of our asses – but there are CERTAINLY more qualified people to have this debate with. Not. Me. I know my abilities and having even an inkling on how to fix our GOZILLION (approx. amount as I’m unsure of the current figure) DOLLAR DEBT is not anywhere even CLOSE to my wheelhouse.

So I guess my issue is: Why would you assume that I don’t care about anything OTHER than Equality? Preposterous. Why would it matter that I keep quiet about politics? It shouldn’t and DOESN’T, in my opinion. Why would I be called a LEMMING because I post a picture as my status message for a day? That’s just silly. It’s for the same reason you fly an American Flag out of your office or your home. You believe in something. I don’t think people should be bashed or made to feel “less-than” for having convictions.

If no one cared about Equality, there would be no voting process, slavery would still be in effect, the British would be all up in our grills (According to old Paulie Revere) and I’d be popping out kids all over the place, fulfilling my wifely duty and we’d all still be getting killed off by Small Pox and The Scarlet Fever.

I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday and my conclusion is this: I’m disappointed in my friend. But I still love him. Am I going to let him influence the fact that there are some things that I will stand behind more than others? Nope. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you don’t like me – move along. You’re wasting your time trying to mold me into the person you want me to be. Either you love that about me, or you need to move on to your next victim. I’m done changing for people. I’m me. Take it or leave it. I’m okay and will be okay, either way.


4 thoughts on “And then…? My head exploded…

  1. momany says:

    And this is why so many of us love you! Big hugs!

  2. Krystal says:

    This friend of yours reminds me of one of mine on FB that posts constantly about the government…whether it be his outrage at the war on banning guns or his cries over the deficit and everyone’s lack of interest in it. I’ve found myself getting into heated debates with him over things, not because I want to change his views but because I think he’s an asshole. Haha! Arguing with assholes is fun sometimes right? So, my thought is that equality, no matter if it is for women’s rights, racial issues, or LGBT individuals, is the top priority to me right now. More people should be concerned with this as we are all human beings and all deserve to have the same opportunities. Fuck anyone who wants to shove their own agendas down your throat…it will only fuel the fire to keep fighting for what you believe in. Good for you for standing up for your beliefs. We are on the same page in many ways regarding this post…however, I am a Leo and I don’t love everyone, too many people annoy me. 😉

  3. sassypanties says:

    Okay Krystal – So I’m a little delayed in responding to your comment – but there is so much to love about everything you typed. People annoy me too, but my squishy heart makes me uber quick to forgive – almost so quickly that I never even have a discussion about their idiot belief systems because the minute someone shares their rage-inducing opinion, I just want to sing kum-ba-ya with them and make love and not war. 🙂 And the cool thing about being this way? I probably have more lifelong friends than your typical person because when I love? I love hard.

    I’m glad we have this common ground. Whodda thunk that a blog would bring so many like-minded individuals together?

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