Customer Service, my ASS!!!!!!

I’ve been on the phone with Tracfone almost all afternoon – simply because this is a business phone number and it’s difficult for me to get my maintenance guy on a cell phone plan through Verizon or AT & T or whatever the frack kind of service you choose. So, my solution one chilly evening as I was snuggled up in my bed, flipping through the channels on the ole BOOB TUBE was to buy this AWESOME phone from QVC. MAN – they made this “fone” sound SPECTACULAR! BAM! Bought it.

We wanted to keep the phone number he had on his “pay as you go” phone, because this was for the apartment complex maintenance guy and it’s just so much easier to keep the same number than to have to inform everyone that there’s a new one. Makes sense, right? So the set-up call was first. It seemed to go fairly easily…until I got to the part where I said I wanted to transfer the phone number into the new celly. Turns out to do THAAAAT, it’s necessary to send me a new SIM card. WHATTHEFUCKEVER, let’s just get this wrapped up, m’kay?

A week passes and I have the new SIM card and I call to get the phone set up AGAIN. I have no idea who set up the security questions, but it certainly wasn’t me. Everything I told the dude on the other end of the phone was wrong. With each wrong answer, my blood pressure went up about 20 points. (Is that how you measure blood pressure? “Points”? I dunno…I’m not a doctor. I’m a blogger. Sort of. I *have* a blog anyway…) We finally got through with all the security question B.S. and we get the phone set up. AWESOME.

Only…NOT awesome. Because a week later it just completely stopped working. Kinda like, “La-tee-dah…MEH! I’m gonna stop working now.”

My maintenance guy tried to call and fix it and then they said they had to send out, yet, ANOTHER SIM Card.

Another week passes and we are at YESTERDAY. January 15th. The day that will forever be known as SASSYPANTIES WANTS TO KILL A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP. It wasn’t pretty.

First, I had to go through the God-awful security questions AGAIN. None of the answers were correct that I gave them. Somehow, they allowed us to move forward. The SIM Card had been inserted (that’s what she said) and the Serial Numbers had been passed on. Then it started. She said to me, “The phone number you want now is no longer available.”. To which I responded, “Ex-FUCKING-cuse me?” Okay…I didn’t…but…I really, really reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyy wanted to. What I did say was, “This number has been the phone number to THIS PHONE for the last 3 weeks. How is it possible that it’s been taken?” Then I hear, “One moment ma’am.”

Then, I was asked if I could be placed on hold for 3 minutes. At this point it had already been 25 minutes…so I said, “Sure, you bet. What’s another 3 minutes since I’ve been talking to you for over 25 already? Slap me on hold…go for it.” Yes, I said that.

She came on the “fone” and stated that they are trying to update the “tools” on her computer and that it would be great if I could hold for 3 more minutes. Sure. Make it 5, I don’t care.

She put me on hold 4 separate times for 3 minutes each, came back on the phone and said that there was another department that would be able to help me and for me to stay on the line and she would connect me. SUPER. Let’s go through all of this again…only………..

“The party you are trying to reach is not available. Please try your call again.”…………………………………..*click click click*…………………..

I decided to call it a day right then and there. The phone works now, with a new number. This is not what I wanted. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

Moral of the story: Don’t buy a fucking Tracfone. And if you do? Don’t even think about transferring a phone number to it, because, that is just simply not gonna happen.


One thought on “Customer Service, my ASS!!!!!!

  1. sarahmariesmusings says:

    Ah, yes Tracfone. I’ve had my Tracfone for a little over six years now, so I relate totally to your joy of dealing with them. When I found their toll free Customer Service to be as you describe, and unhelpful to boot, I started contacting them exclusively by e-mail. Other than getting to by pass the security question nonsense, their e-mail team is just as underwhelming.

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