Making People Homeless, One Asshole Tenant At A Time

I’m an apartment manager now. How fucking cool is THAT?!?!?!? Very, I must say.

So, I’ve had my eagle eye watching a particular tenant for quite some time and today I’ve finally made the decision that they need to move. THEREFORE, LET IT BE KNOWN…THEY SHALL BE GIVEN A NOTICE TO VACATE THE PREMISES BY THE END OF JANUARY.

I cannot express to you how gratifying it is to kick someone out. It seems cold and heartless, but I assure you, all the single ladies on my property will be bringing me copious amounts of wine in the not to distant future for getting rid of this douche-canoe.

He lives with his MOTHER(who will also be required to move). He peeps in windows. He’s threatened my staff (which he should have gotten the boot THEN, but my property manager is a softy and allowed them to stay if there was no more trouble.). I’m 99% sure he’s dealing drugs. A previously evicted tenant (who, curiously enough, was also threatening my staff and dealing drugs) continues to “visit” his apartment on an almost daily basis. And so? Buh-bye.

What evil deeds do you perform that make you feel like the “all powerful Oz”? 


2 thoughts on “Making People Homeless, One Asshole Tenant At A Time

  1. H. Stern says:

    OMG I WAS THE FIRST TO “LIKE” THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Secondly, we have a tenant in NYC, where the laws HARDCORE favor the tenants and not the landlords. He has actually assaulted my dad, and he went after a woman who was holding a small baby. Can we evict him? NOPE!

    So, good for you for punching that ticket! Get the trouble makers out! I just feel badly for your tenant’s mom. That’s sad…

    • sassypanties says:

      Well his mother is no innocent child either. She’s drug dealing and giving her sons a place to live for free… i don’t feel sorry for her at all, she’s a liar . The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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