Help! I’m becoming a *gulp* STAGE MOM! BAH!

We listen to a lot of public radio. Hey, we’re in our 40’s…that’s what all the cool kids do when they enter into their 40’s….NEVERMIND that we’ve been listening since we were in our 20’s – that’s not the point…

As hubby was listening one weekend a performer “Emma Hill and Her Gentlemen Callers” performed a song called “Meet Me At The Moon” from their new CD with the same title. It’s a catchy little folksy/country number. Catchy enough that hubby downloaded the song and later her entire CD.

Here’s the COOL PART:

My daughter received her first Uke in June just a cheap little Uke…one to see if it was just a fling she wanted to take or if she was serious about learning how to play it. There’s nothing worse than dumping $$ into an instrument your kids said they wanted, but never ever picked up…so we were gonna see how she did with the cheap-o version before we got serious.

SHE KICKED ASS!!!!! She taught herself a handful of songs by ear mostly…just one or two by the help of youtube, and one of them was Emma Hill’s song.

Katie’s birthday was August 20th and around August 10th, I got a wild hair to see if I could possibly get Emma to hear Katie play her song. Emma is a humble artist – not a chart-topping, grammy winner (yet), but with a little luck and my writing capabilities, I thought perhaps she’d be persuaded to listen to the video and perhaps comment. My whim paid off and you can hear Katie sing and see the comment Emma gave her on the video that I’ve posted below. Our family was freaking OUT!

Katie taught herself how to play the Uke and after about 2 months she decided about 2 hours before I took this video to learn Emma Hill’s song “Meet Me At The Moon”. I think she’s amazing…but it’s possible I’m just being all stage-mom-y and stuff.

It’s entirely possible I’m nuts…but I don’t think my mental state has anything to do with the fact that my daughter can sing her face off. I’m now trying to find a way for people to see this video and since it appears that the traffic to my BLOG is picking up steam, perhaps I’ll start here.

Something sort of unrelated is that I got a friend request on Facebook the other day…from…EMMA HILL!!!!! She let me know that she was going to be doing a West Coast tour and wondered if I had any ideas for a venue. She loves doing house shows for smaller intimate crowds. I asked her for the details and said I had a few ideas. After talking with the hubby, we decided that she is going to just do a gig at our place. Yeah…MY HOUSE!!!! She’s also going to be spending the night…you know…just her and the guys from the band. NO BIG FUCKING DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I’m probably going to become even more annoying than I already am…hard to believe, I KNOW.

Katie’s framed correspondence from Emma Hill on her 16th birthday. SOMEHOW we kept it a secret…


2 thoughts on “Help! I’m becoming a *gulp* STAGE MOM! BAH!

  1. this really is all kinds of awesome. congrats.

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