Remember that time I invited The Bloggess to dinner at my house and she respectfully declined?

I blame myself, really. I mean…I get these CRAZY IDEAS that pop into my old noggin and I CONVINCE myself, “Just ASK!!!! If you don’t ASK, then you’ll never ever GET ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!”

So, I went on a Twitter campaign. I decided to barrage the lovely Jennifer Lawson with Tweets asking, begging and at one point trying to rope The Ellen Degeneres Show into helping me coerce Jenny into coming to my house for a home-cooked – FROM SCRATCH – Pasketti dinner.

You see, it all started at the very first place I blogged. – somehow they had gotten her to post there for a little kicker check, I assume, and that’s when it happened. It was LOVE at first BLOG POST. I’d post comments to her blog and every once in awhile…she’d post a comment on one of mine.

Then, eventually, PNN went downhill and it turned into a SPAM-fest in the comment streams and there was no support, so many of us jumped ship and that’s what brought me to WordPress. So, in all honesty? You have PNN to blame/thank…however you view things. :o)

Now…once I decided to pull up anchor at PNN, I decided I wanted to be sure to add as many people from there as I could as friends on The Facebook. We had a really nice little happy community in that blogspace and I sincerely miss it.

Fast forward to about 4 days ago when I got the nutty idea to lose my mind and beg her to come have dinner at my house – and it wasn’t going to be just ANY dinner, mind you…it was going to be my WORLD FAMOUS…OKAY, 55th STREET FAMOUS PASKETTI! I’ve had people basically want to move into my HOME in the hopes that I would cook this meal for them on a weekly basis…but she declined. *über sad face inserted here*


FUCK NO! You bet your ASS I’m gonna be there! And I’ve decided that I’m going to make Pasketti for her anyway and take it in a tupperware container, because, let’s face it…the girls GOTTA get hungry when she’s autographing all those books! My hubby even offered to bake her some FRESH BREAD! So…basically…while I feel she made a HUGE MISTAKE…I completely understand and forgive her. Because – you know…at least she responded to my TWITTER STALKER WEIRDNESS! So she gained oodles of points in my book for that. And she’s COOL…unlike Nathan Fillion who came off as a pompous asshole regarding her request for a single solitary picture of himself with a ball of twine – I MEAN FOR FUCK’S SAKE, DUDE!!! It took you longer to write that PATHETIC RESPONSE than it would have for you to just TAKE THE FUCKING PICTURE AND SEND IT ALREADY!

She knows I love her and that’s all that matters. (in a non scary, kind and gracious way…of course)


6 thoughts on “Remember that time I invited The Bloggess to dinner at my house and she respectfully declined?

  1. Karen Jake says:

    I sympathize with you! I also invited the great and wonderful Bloggess to come soak in our lake and relax after her strenuous book signing sessions in our rare 90+ degree day, and she politely declined me too. But she’s so uber cool that she always sends me a reply when I email her links to silly things.

  2. So wait- did you?! Did you bring The Bloggess Pasketti? Was it everything you’d hoped it would be?

    • sassypanties says:

      Okay so…the day before the honorable Jennifer Lawson made her appearance in Seattle, we had a slightly major heat wave…so instead of getting heat stroke we ate out the night before…BUT – we DID stop over at the Value Village in search of any type of dead animal we could get our hands on and instead found a HIDEOUS painting. We purchased it and all (there was 5 of us) autographed it for her.

      SHE was everything I ever dreamed of and more. Hilariously funny. Drop dead gorgeous. And was on enough medication/wine slushies that you’d NEVER EVER KNOW that she has Social Anxiety Disorder. Truly amazing and gracious. She also dropped some F-bombs…classic.

      She also mentioned that at some point in 2013 she’d have a second book coming out…no promises…but you heard it here first. 😉

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