Sassyland update – not that anyone is even reading this…

Hiya my peeps.

I bet you didn’t know you were my “peeps”, didja? WELL YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!! Send me the therapy bills.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve written anything from Sassyland and it’s HIGH TIME I updated you on all the excitement. I’ll narrow it down to the top 3…

1. I quit my motherfucking job! HELLS YEAH!!!! I told them on April 15th I would give them 90 days to train my replacement and my replacement was hired (April 29th), and she’s a really cool chick, MUCH LIKE MYSELF, and we hit it off. Apparently everytime I left the office to PEE, or GO HOME for the day because I told them I’d only work 1/2 days until I left…my fucking sorry excuse for a bossmunch would talk behind my back and pretty much discredit everything I was training my trainee to do. (Even though my bosswipe had NEVER EVER EVER done ANY of the work that I performed before IN HER LIFE – nor took it upon herself to learn anything about my job even after I told her I was quitting…) So, on June 1st, I wrote an email that said the following:

Dear Dumbass and Bosswipe (names have been changed to protect them from feeling like complete idiots because they didn’t know how good they had it with me working for them…),

I’ve decided that Friday, June 1, 2012 was my last day at DUMBASS INCORPORATED.


I know…a perfect end to less than perfect 18 months of hell.

2. I have a NEW JOB. In a completely DIFFERENT career field. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. And let me tell ya…it appears that I was BORN to do this. I have never managed a property in my life. I shadowed my best friend – part time – for about 3 weeks, then the management company I work for acquired another property in the “ghetto” and asked me if I wanted to take it on. I was all, “YEP!!!!!!!!!”. And whammo. June 4th I was handed the keys to my own apartment community and we had 13 vacancies – all of which needed some desperate attention. All of which – as of today – I have SIGNED LEASES for, except one. Because we are remodeling it. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! PRETTY MOTHERFUCKING AWESOME, IF YOU ASK ME!!!! YEP! I’ve already gotten 2 raises and 2 bonuses. *high-fives myself*

3. We are about to head out on a 2 week road trip, covering much of the western United States of America. First stop? Leaving Washington for Sacramento, CA. Then to Fresno, CA to see Yosemite. Then to Huntington Beach, CA to see D’land and Ca. Adventure and Universal and Sea World (probably). Then to San Diego, CA. Then to Palm Springs, CA. Then to Sedona, AZ. Then THE GRAND CANYON AND HOOVER DAMMIT (because I can’t just call it a “dam”, apparently)!!!!! Then to Las Vegas, NV. Then to Reno, NV. THEN BACK TO WASHINGTON!!!!!!! WHOA NELLY!!!!!!!!!!! All 4 of us – Hubby, Me, Kiddo-girl #1 and Kiddo-girl #2. In an xB. May the force be with us…is all I can say.

There you have it. A pretty decent and exciting recap of all the things I’ve been up to. Okay – it’s pretty pathetic. But it’s me and you’re still reading…so…that says alot about you now, doesn’t it? Yes. Yes it does.



4 thoughts on “Sassyland update – not that anyone is even reading this…

  1. Krystal Rose says:

    Good for you! I too left a shitty job this year and it was the happiest day of my life, well, up until I got engaged. Haha! Can’t go stomping on that memory with the shit job! Have a great vacation! 😀

  2. Missy Take says:

    Hey nice to see you back – I’m back as well! Good for you for the old shitty job and yay for the new job – keep it up! Enjoy your time off and hope to read you again soon!

  3. Devan says:

    I can only DREAM of quitting my sucky job! I have worked at it for nearly 12 years, I have only hated it for about 5 years though. Now I work night shift, which makes it even “better”. It makes me drink, for real.

    • sassypanties says:

      DUDE!!!!!!! QUIT THAT SHIT!!!!!!! I thought I was trapped…I thought it would be hard! But…you have to tell people you know and trust that you’re looking and not be afraid to try something new! I’ve never been happier at a job…EVER! And part of it is because I took the world by the CAJONES and did something about it. Good luck…and if you stay…try to think of the things that once made you love it and connect with them again.

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