Google Search Words

Perfect. So I’m strolling around my “Site Stats” today – by the way…I’d like to thank MYSELF for dropping by my own blog today. I am, apparently, my one and only reader. Awesome.

Strolling – right – so there I was and I decided to click on the “search engine” tab to find out what that does. Apparently, when you type something in google that you’re looking for, it’ll pull up several things for that word, sites, ads, yadda yadda, yadda…right? Right.

One of the searches that resulted in my BLOG being found was…wait…you need to sit down for this. Go ahead, I’ll wait. What’s that? You need a shot of tequila first? No problem. Here. Have some of mine.

Lime? no? okay…

“Motor Boat My Boobs”.


Yeah…I know. IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!! So the whole Motorboat thing came about at this gay party I went to during the summer last year. EPIC. Apparently the only part of my anatomy that ISN’T SAFE at a gay man’s party are THA GIRLZ. Yep. Those gay boys love my D cups.

So…lesson learned. Turtlenecks from now on no matter HOW HOT IT GETS IN AUGUST! As if that’ll stop them.


8 thoughts on “Google Search Words

  1. LOl I wish that’s how people could search me! Great post!

  2. Tanguyenable says:

    You have exactly 666 hits right now as I comment your article. Kinda weird considering it’s Friday the 13th. Anyways, this is so off topic, but i would like to point that out.

    • sassypanties says:

      Dude…I noticed…I was going to log out and then hit up my own blog so that I could change it…but I think you may have saved me from imminent doom. I’m forever in your debt. Especially since I have to hit rush hour traffic on I-5 in Seattle, WA right now and…that was just too many things going against me at once.

  3. sassypanties says:

    Why thanks…although…not sure I ever expected to get a “Great post” comment from a story I wrote about a gay man smashing his face into my boobs – my husband is going to think this SOOOOOOO rocks!

  4. TBT says:

    You are really funny. I was actually going to do a post about my weird search terms. Todays weird one was “images of stupid people at work”. I do not know how that links back to my page. lol

    • sassypanties says:

      I think you’re a laugh riot as well. I’ve been stifling my laughter all afternoon as I pull up your blog on my iPhone and will probably pee my pants any minute. I hope you’re *happy*…

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